Don't Get FROZEN - Keep Your Head on Straight For Bo$$ Profits

in crypto •  10 months ago

Markets go through bull and bear cycles. Unfortunately after an incredible bull run, we have hit a sustained pullback. The once smiling faces of jubilation have turned to frowns, doubt and disbelief. Sometimes taking a step back and zooming out of the charts is important to see the bigger picture. Without gaining some perspective, you might end up FROZEN. Do not end up like Olaf with your head cut off and unable to make necessary decisions and moves for future success. This is the time to "Let It Go" and focus on potential opportunities to accumulate (ladder) best in class crypto's at a discount for the long term. Although we have hit a pull back and a market lull, the overall bull run in my opinion is far from over.


The most important thing to remember is that in order to get his girl, save the Kingdom of Arendelle and reunite Anna and Elsa; Kristof and Sven had to go up mountains, down mountains, through countless obstacles including fighting an ice monster and in the end act like "The cold doesn't bother me anyways". In other words, by staying steady through the process of reaching their goals even through obstacles, eventually with the right plan they got there. Example: Amazon dropped from $100 to $10 after a strong bull run to the sounds of the internet stocks are dead. After it consolidated for a little while, It began an even larger ascent taking it to $100, then $300, then $500, then $750, then $1000 and now knocking on the doorsteps of $1500 and a $1 Trillion Market Cap. There will be many winners that follow long term trends like Amazon (Ecommerce), Apple (Smartphones, Apps), Facebook (Social Networking), Google (Advertising & Search), Netflix (Streaming), Salesforce (Cloud) etc


While no one knows the day to day movements and no one can predict the future, the probability is that long term we are still in the very beginnings of a major technology shift that will revolutionize the world. Many of the top crypto's are the same promising projects; in actuality further ahead so nothing has changed long term. The only difference is the current price which in the short term will change with sentiment, but in the long term will return to true value. With the proper plan and portfolio, this is an opportunity to add to names we only hoped to add at these levels that in the long term are likely to bring massive BO$$ Profits!

Even though we are off to a slow start, 2018-2019 in my belief will melt records and hopefully turn those in the game into Kings and Queens of Crypto Arendelle. It's not how you start, its how you finish!


*This is not financial advice nor am I a financial advisor. These are my opinions of what I am doing and for entertainment purposes only.

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Earning easy money when market is in bull market!

Excellent advice @cryptolegendhodl, wow that's a mouthful.


Blue horse shoe reminds me of Walstreet movie code word blue horse shoe loves Teldar diamond something like that he was told to say on the phone


Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it! Followed and Upvoted.

long term investment without greed and proper study always benefits


Exactly long time investment is good 😀


It's really the only way to fly. I think people get confused on the subtle difference between gambling and investing.




Hahaha true man!


totally agree

Brilliant article.

Well written and nice pun :-)

I think not enough people look back at previous trends and instead just look at 3/4 weeks.

Overall the last 8 weeks have been very interesting and seeing lots of people sell great coins at ridiculously low prices.

That being said bring on the bulls now :-)

Always think for the long term, Great info

Good read. However, this was something that was called here while the analysts kept predicting their usual bull market. This useful indicator

Always think long term.


I agree with you @aakashpatel I am still fighting with my emotion there’s a strong fight againts holding and selling.

haha love this. such a humorous article and I do agree with the sentiment. nicely written

aw man I love that pun and it was cheesey but very funny, you got me there.


Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. Nothing like a cheesy Disney movie analogy! Followed and upvoted as we build this steem community.

What a great use of analogies regarding the market. I came into crypto near the end of December when it was a its all time high. I bought at all time highs and now i just sit and Hodl knowing that my market will bounce back up and get even stronger. I recently saw a post about how this time last year Bitcoin was at 1,000 and by December it was at an all time high of 20,000. I know this is the future and I'm getting in on the projects now because the best is yet to come!


Have you considered of opposite possibility? It may pop as a bubble or a better rival may overtake kingdom of bitcoin.


I have not. I believe in the projects and the technologies are amazing. If I believed this was a bubble I would have never invested in Cryptocurrency. I wouldn't have even wasted my time with this Social Network since it is built on the Blockchain. The question is do you believe in Cryptocurrency?


I do, but don't know which one yet. I really don't think that all 1300+ and new ones will survive in a long run.

Cut this beautiful. This snow doll is more fun than the two sisters cut. It was so beautiful that the ice bag, too,

I just upvoted you ..please upvote and follow me @cosmasanthony

Thank you for the encouragement, you have said it all, guess we will have to look on the brighter side and the long term potentials. Your content is rich.

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck to you and have a nice day :)


Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. Upvoted and followed as we build this steem community.

Nice write up @cryptegendhodl

Love the analogy. We here at Crypto101Blog also agree when saying that 2018 (will melt the records), we still see a fall in the next 2 weeks that could take us down to the $3k resistance again. Check out our page for regular market updates

Hi nice entertainment sir. Follow back and upvote my blogs.

Great post :) Thanks so much for sharing. Crypto is the future and will take over the world :D

Yes not a financial advice but the good analysis motivate. Thanks

I just upvoted you. :)

Tired of trading. Seems like I'm not used to it. But I'm pretty sure for a long term investment, profits are waiting if take the advantage of current market situation

Nice..i liked it

If nothing at all was picked, I know I am going to keep my heads up straight so I don't get it chopped of like Olof, I am going to stay focused, stay in the game and hold my positions for better and greener pastures ahead. Thanks @cryptolegendhodl for this.

that awesome

Word of encouragement, i love this and i will never give up on my investment and i will even continue to invest more because in no time the rain of abundant shall fall and only those that envisage and have clue of the anticipation would fetch tirelessly. I am strong


True. If one looses substantial percentage of investment, there is no point of giving it all away.

really postings that inspire me, I almost give up in making a post, because I read your post I get excited again, thanks @cryptolegendhodl.😊😊😊😊

Nice post it add impact to people's lifes


Yeah I think people should profit from these bulls and bears instead of just selling all their coins and saying I lost an opportunity

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hallo you are very nice. i love it

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I am upvoting you!

Hope investment gets benificial

nice advice

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Muy buen post, me gusto mucho la informacion. Gracias por compartir.

Congratulation @cryptolegendhold i agree and great post.

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Excellent post and I do concur. Years ago I had a security license to sell mutual funds and so many people panicked during a drop and got out. I agree that this is not the time to sell Bitcoin. (Not an adviser and this is just my humble opinion)

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Amazon is good example, but remember it's just one of many who vanished completely. Same will happen with hundreds of cryptos which do not add any value, are copy cats or plain sight scams. Choose wisely and invest when nobody is talking about your chosen one.

Words of wisdom.. long term investments are sure to be beneficial.

I wasnt clear until your comment at the end that this was not investment advice

Thanks for the disclaimer. Totally essential

I love your article!

nice quality content. Keep steeming! upvoted, followed , reestemed. keep the community bigger. #vincentb

Great Article my Friend, Than You @cryptolegendhodl (cool user name as well) #upvote #steem

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Long term investement with patience is always benificial...i appreciate your advice@cryptolegendhodl

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