Actually, yes, @crypto-econom1st. I entered one a few weeks ago and have been monitoring them ever since. They're fairly involved though, so I didn't do very well the first time and I need to go back and read the ones who did before I get back into it. It's going to be a pretty involved post and I haven't been familiar with any of the topics yet, so that means a lot of reading and absorbing, too.

Very much worth it if you have the time and the winning posts. :)

I was indeed thinking about the fact that you are a great writer in combination with a small chance to win a huge prize. At least I think there will be many participants.

Writing for the kind of contests will probably kill your engagement league results. But the engagement league should not be a goal in itself. At least that is what I think.

In case you will participate, Goodluck!

I actually agree with you that the engagement league is not the goal. The writing contest is a good one. I'm just not that versed with the topics so far, so there's a lot to learn in a short period of time, and it's generally over the weekend, too, which is when I'm most likely to be doing something with the family. Basically, I would have needed to write it today in this case.

So, probably not going to happen this time, but I keep watching for one that I think I can participate in.

What about you? You planning on it?

No those writing contest and also most other contests just take to much time. And sometimes it only takes 5 minutes. But 5 minutes for winning let's say 1 USD is such a low amount that I can do better things with my time. Especially since the 1 USD is not guaranteed. So probably I participate in 10 contests to win just one. For me there is only one good reason to participate and that's because it seems to be fun.