DAOSTACK REVIEW: The impact of technology such as DAOstack is limitless in nature

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What is DAOStack?

DAO stand for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

DAOStack is mainly operating system atop of which Dapps can be built on. DAOStack is readily to shake up the blockchain and governance entire various systems that are traditionally organized and trend by a centralized authority or a class of individuals.

DAO will make it easy by allowing users to put their protocols onto the blockchain technology and using a formidable smart contracts to vote on decision s that will impact the users.

DAO is working hard to take over the blockchain and make the technology to be easy access to you and me.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

DAOs are blockchain administer designs that enable a orderly governance without central that create inefficiencies in typical organization.
Blochchain has been able to rise so quickly due to its decentralized foundation. It can be the same for corporations and other types of organization.

DAOs are programmed with predefined parameters just like any other application. This implies that DAO can have pre-programmed processes that will enable it to evolve, such as predefined voting conditions to optimize it's own functioning while growing and evolving along with the organization.

DAOStack Tools

DAOStack is designed to make DAO implementation and Creation easy. Focus on that good creation of easy access to the users.
DAO created several tools which contains "layers" the function of these tools are designed for seamless DAO integration.


The ARC is dubbed "the Wordpress of DAOs." It is a framework that allows the application of DAO to companies and organizations. The reason it is compared to Wordpress is due to its modular nature, allowing easy deployment of DAOs.

Arc Hives

Arc.Hives is a registry that will contain data on all DApps and DAOs built atop of the DAOstack. It will allow for easy communication and networking between the individual components of the DAOstack economy.


Most well known websites and application have APIs. These APIs allow for more efficient integration of other applications. For DAOstack, Arc.js will allow developers easy of access to develop applications without having to know the native smart contract language - Solidity.


Alchemy is the user interface. This is what the users and developers will interact with on DAOstack.
DApps & DAOs

These are the final outputs of the platform. Utilizing all the tools mentioned above will allow the DAOstack to be an entire ecosystem of DApps and DAOs

DAOstack enables the development of entire organizations in a way that enables them to scale effectively. This is done by decentralized decision making processes and streamlining growth.

DAOstack Use-Case

The possibilities are endless. One of the key components that separates DAOs from any other organizational method is its incorruptibility.

We are all too familiar with corrupt corporations that act in a way that serves a few key figures while costing the rest of the parties involved. With DAOs, this kind of corruption can be completely eliminated.

As an example, let us imagine "The International Film Greatness Award". A fictitious organization that is tasked with providing annual awards to the greatest feats in film.

In a typical structure, there would be individuals involved within the organization who are corruptible. Whether by money or influence, certain films would rank higher than others on merits that have nothing to do with the actual quality or "greatness" of the film.

To resolve this issue, the organization could be run as a DAO. Protocols could be put in place using DAOstack which would ensure that the award is rewarded by an incorruptible protocol where no individual or sets of individuals would have overwhelming sway that produce inconsistent judging criteria.

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The impact of technology such as DAOstack is limitless in nature. With its ability to evolve from within, there are no technical bounds. This is because the technology behind DAOstack is designed to allow evolution of the platform. As new blockchain solutions are introduced, they can be implemented to the benefit of all DAOs and DApps on DAOstack. In order to have a timeless technology, there is a need to adjust and update with the times. DAOstack is the first viable solution to offer the benefits of incorruptible decentralization while still allowing for changes in the core technology.

For more information:

DAOStack website
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