XAYA: The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform. Where You Can Think it, Build it, Play it and Profit from it. This is a Call for All the Game Developers and Gamers.

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Currently, the video game industry has its drawbacks, since it can not provide gamers and developers (and the public in general) with the necessary tools to exploit their full potential and generate the video gaming experience dreamed by manny. A place where PROFIT AND ENJOYMENT are synonymous.

Video game developers have great limitations in time and cost when driving their products from the concept to the market. Costs and setup time associated with cloud services (recurring costs and user account administration). This becomes a labyrinth with no exit for many developers, thus preventing them from creating the best video games and gaining profit from them.

The gamers are not rewarded in a fair way, the time and resources they expend cannot be capitalized (beyond the fun). In the end, those who gain the most are the advertising agencies instead of the gamers or developers.

Besides, scalability issues hinder the development of decentralized massive multiplayer online games (MMO). Not to mention the challenge that represents each player being able to exchange truly owned items from each game to other platforms or for cryptocurrencies that have real-world value. Scalability has not only been a great inconvenience for MMO, but it has also been a major challenge for decentralized ecosystems such as the crypto ecosystem. Is there a solution that can cover the need of both markets?


Imagine a system where:

  • All players can trade their virtual assets easily and safely for real-world valuable crypto, using game concept (rapid and cost effective).
  • A decentralized and autonomous world where gamers have endless resources and tradable virtual assets.
  • Develop the best game in less time and with fewer costs (servers and account management).
  • A cryptocurrency with a great possibility to grow and increase its value in the crypto market based on big user base og the gaming world.
  • A massive autonomous, decentralized and multiplayer universe.
  • Developers can create their game overcoming the financial and time barriers.
  • The players and the developers will be able to win and capitalize their effort in a fair, autonomous and decentralized manner.

Who is capable of creating this world?

With XAYA everyone wins, since they have solutions for all the parties involved in the video game industry. Gamers and developers will gain at the same time that they will develop to its maximum potential the gaming world through the decentralized blockchain platform. XAYA makes it possible for profit and fun (play) to mean the same thing. XAYA breaks the schemes and allows the enjoyment of playing video games to become a sustainable activity for all parties.


Previously gaming appeal relied only on the satisfaction that each gamer potentialy could obtain by being the best among many. Gamers expend many hours and many thousands of $ just to be the last man standing. Now with XAYA gamers will be able to compete with millions of players in a new decentralized, provably fair, and unstopable world. Being the best will not only get each gamer to the top of the leaderboard, it will also signify geting rewards with real-world value as well. Undoubtedly the dream of any gamer. Who does not get motivated when being the best on the game you love also gets you big rewards?

XAYA is built on the blockchain platform to manage the complex gaming world, providing security, simplicity, and tradeable ownership of virtual assets. XAYA has the opportunity to scale in leaps and bounds with breakthroughs in Trustless Off-chain Scaling for games (Game Channels) and Ephemeral Timestamps.

In addition, the democratization of game development and deployment, allows any enthusiastic games developer to take advantage of this last generation platform. XAYA has an infrastructure and unparalleled tools for game creation based on blockchain technology and with significantly reduced costs. With XAYA developers can issue their own game token that can be changed by CHI ("the reserve currency and fuel" in the XAYA ecosystem") or by other currency-assets within the XAYA Blockchain.

XAYA is able to solve any problem or challenge within the gaming world. Since it has a team that brings together experience and quality within the blockchain world and gaming (they were the original creators of the first blockchain-based game). XAYA is developed and maintained by Autonomous Worlds Ltd.

The concept of XAYA is simple, PLAY using the blockchain platform, THINKING about the CONSTRUCTION of a safe and decentralized system. Rewarding gamers is not the only new paradigm being implemented but allowing developers to build their games with affordable costs and in much less time using XAYA platform.

With XAYA developers can overcome the financial barrier and the time it takes to create a game. This will propel the gaming industry around the world. Surely in the near future, we will see how unthinkable developments in the gaming industry will be achieved thanks to the Decentralized Autonomous Universes (DAU). Also, the gamers can find FUN and MONEY at the same time, a dream become true without a doubt, thanks to XAYA.

  • Gameplay, reliability and stability (say
    good bye to the items being locked in a closed environment).
  • Safe, fast and simple virtual assets exchange and play to earn or Human Mining.
  • Secure social networking.
  • Human readable wallet accounts and "addresses"
  • Support of highly scalable multiplayer games.
  • Creation of assets and virtual currencies.
  • Compatibility and export of templates with Unity, Unreal, etc.
  • Acceptance and administration of player payments (easy, safe and affordable).
  • Implementation of the CHI, with high potential value and high ROI.
  • Access to existing and untapped game markets.
  • Creating new game genres.

The experience and security offered by XAYA is unparalleled, since 2013 the XAYA team deployed the Huntercoin experiment. They were the first to successfully create and test a decentralized MMO based on the blockchain platform. Also, it was the first human mining permissible cryptocurrency. Huntercoin despite having been a hobby experiment reached incredible figures: $ 1 million within just a few weeks and peaked at around $ 6.3 million in 2017.


No doubt the video game market is a world full of possibilities and in constant growth, it can be seen in the following graphics how the annual growth rate of this market is + 11% and is forecasted to remain in those levels in the next years. The Mobile Games generate more than $ 70.3Bn, which represents 51% of the market. Countries such as China (28%) and the US (22%) are the ones with the highest number of video games consumers. But without a doubt, the Asian market completely (52%) outweighs other regions. No doubt betting on this industry in the short, medium and long term will be a win-win option.

Scroll right to wacth several gaming market projections

Freemium-type games are an important market that should be covered, freemium model revenues comes from advertising and in-aapp purchases. For instance, 7 years ago World of WarcraftTM already had 12 Million user and mobile gaming applications such as Clash of ClansTM generated and estimate of $ 150 million per month ($ 1.8 Billions per year) in 2015. XAYA aims are big, they target is 75% of the gaming market, where 51% is based on mobile games and the remaining 24% in desktop computers. XAYA knows where to go and has all the resources and equipment necessary to succeed in the video game markets.


The value of cryptocurrencies depends to a large extent on the velocity of money (frequency with which money is used to purchase and sell assets at a specific time) and the number of users who on the platform. XAYA has created a great, powerful and unbeatable system where the two characteristics that give value to cryptocurrencies are fulfilled beforehand. The XAYA economy will increase rapidly, as the gaming industry and the new cryptos industry come together. They will create a platform where you can negotiate the items of your favorite game and have the massive participation of million of gamers, a democratic place where you win playing and developing video games.


The most important and fundamental layer of XAYA is the security layer. XAYA cryptocurrency will be implemented with well-proven the proof-of-work consensus algorithm (PoW). In addition, the accounts and the most important data of the game and the gamer are kept with a decentralized name/value store built directly into the blockchain.

XAYA have unique features developed by its team:

Atomic transactions: is an easy-to-use technique in XAYA (developed by XAYA team in 2013), where you can allow trustless trading of virtual assets (accounts, currencies and game itemss) for CHI, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. This guarantees that there is a strong economy in XAYA and that there is a sustainable demand for CHI.

Game channels: XAYA can be scaled to its global goal thanks to a model similar to the payment channels in Bitcoin (game moves between multiple players from the blockchain).

Ephemeral timestamps: It is a mechanism to prevent malicious actors within the game channels to mess-up with the overall performance of the platform. XAYA team has developed a protocol that allows the honest participants to prove that they are right if a conflict arouses. The malicious party will have to pay all transaction fees that may result from dispute solving. The ephemeral timestamps work by marking a D data at a time T on the public P2P network and blockchain, these data are sent by the nodes (without any cost per transaction). If there is a dispute, the timestamps are used, requiring additional blockchain transactions to prove whose party is honest and a fee charged on the malicious party after dispute resolution.

The blockchain of XAYA will be based on the technology of Namecoin. XAYA will use a protocol similar to the one that Colored Coins uses (where each coin has an additional information associated to a "color") for the game accounts and tradable in-game item. This guarantees that each object can be tracked safely in the blockchain and also allows atomic trades between articles or between CHI. To avoid fraud, the transaction must be signed by the two parties in order to be carried out. Below is an illustration of an atomic transaction.

Game State is the concept on which the games are based on XAYA platform. Each balance, each item and all the other determinant aspects of the game are interpreted as data of the overall consensus of the network. In general, each user will process and store only the Game State that interests them, thus providing great efficiency and scalability. With the timestamps, it is guaranteed that each user on the platform can reach a consensus on the general state of the game.

In 2015 XAYA's team solved the SCALABILITY issue in the blockchain-based games by creating the game channels. Which allows players to safely save (via hash-chain structure) their movements in a "side chain" (private chain) instead of load each individual movement from each player on the general blockchain, only the final outcome approved for all parties is broadcasted to the network.

This side chain exists to resolve disputes that may arise on the platform. Because if in a game, one of the players is in disagreement with the results of the game, the private side chain will be made public and the honest party (according to the game rules) will be evident. Thus honest party gets the even if malicious parties try to boycott the game. Dispute resolution costs fees on the dishonest party, thus dishonest behavior is economically disincentivized since ephemeral timestamps prevent any positive outcome for dishonest parties.

For more details, read the section 5 and 6 in the Game Channels paper. Below are three cases of Game Channels usage with different outcomes:

Scroll right to see all three cases of Game Channels usage

Marta is a 16-year-old girl, she has spent many hours of every day playing Candy Crush on her mobile device, she loves that game. However, her parents are upset with her, they say that she spends more time in that game than in her personal relationships and they complain that her grades are too low because she doesn't pay proper attention in class. Also, her parents are tired of this situation, because she does not get any kind of profit from that game. Marta does not want to be more in that stressful situation because her parents are pressing her too much, and because she has damaged several relationships with her friends because the lack of time spent with them. She knows that if she continues like this she will lose many things. So she decides to quit the game she loves.

Weeks later, Angel Marta's best friend and a smart amateur developer, tells her that he has the perfect solution for her to continue playing her favorite game. He presents her XAYA and a huge quantity of games with similar gaming concept is available to Marta.

But there is a huge difference, those games have lively communities that fund weekly meetings to discuss and to develop a game logic that benefits the most all gamers. She meets many new friends and is now interested both in gaming and in game development. She efforts more on her grades and is decided to get a bachelor degree on computer sciences because she loves the easiness with which games are deployed on XAYA. The best of all is that his parents do not continue to be distressed, now they are proud of her daughter that finally have found the career best suited for her.

Thanks to Angel and XAYA her dreams became a reality. Angel tells her that he will develop a game similar to CandyCrush but in VR (virtual reality) and multiplayer (so she can always share with her friends). Also, Angel as a video game developer didn't have many opportunities before XAYA, because of the restrictions that prevent him from reaching the video game market. Angel explains that with XAYA all the problems of time and cost from concept to market, restrictions, scalability among others are solved using the ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform, where he will be able to Think and Build, she will be able to Play, and the both of them will be able to EARN from video games.

XAYA is the Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform. Its experienced team is the original creator of blockchain gaming in 2013 with its proven project Huntercoin. Also, they created Namecoin the first altcoin which provides atomic transactions and internet censor-proof services. Most of its technology is built around Game Channels, which allows XAYA to be a scalable, secure, and fast blockchain. XAYA is a platform where the game developers will take advantage of unrivaled infrastructure and the gamers will get the most out of each game while obtaining real-world valuable rewards at the same time.

XAYA is a must-win option. The success of any project depends on how well it is capable of fulfilling the expectations it has raised. Soon XAYA will launch two games, both are already announced and have an already existing user base.

With Soccer Manager powered by the XAYA platform, gamers can get rewards for their effort by being the top manager. This game will be the first game of its kind, players, stadiums, player wages, and all the other economic aspects will be denominated in a virtual asset that has real-world value. The game token (SMC) will be tradable for CHI, thus gamers may be able to profit from their outstanding performances. Rapid adoption is almost guaranteed.

Even more, Treat fighters will be a game where players compete with each other in battle and create the Treat Fighter. Players can enjoy 100% uptime in this crafting type game genre since the nodes will act as servers. Also in the Treat exchange overlords, the gamers can buy and sell their Treats, creating an inner vibrant economy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! More is surely coming and this adventure is just starting!

How each game is monetized will depend on the developer, since it is the developer who decides what can or cannot be monetized within the game. For instance, items, unlock codes, powerups, healing, item repair, some publicity, etc.

XAYA has several phases, where the first one seeks to attract the greatest number of developers, for game creation which will initially awaken the interest of crypto and blockchain technology users. Similarly, this phase seeks to find a niche in different companies like Facebook and Steam.

Here is XAYA's roadmap

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XAYA's Partners

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A brief introduction about XAYA

For more detailed explanation, Download XAYA'S WhitePaper


More information about the team: link

Xaya Website Xaya Telegram Xaya Medium Xaya Twitter
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