Why Xaya will change the world of gaming!

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Everyone loves gaming, right? Well, probably not everyone but a lot of people really do. Just like I do, so I am really excited to tell you more about Xaya, a website for blockchain gaming.

What is Xaya?

Xaya is a gaming platform based on blockchain technology which was founded in 2013. It is formerly known as Chimaera and will change the gaming scene like nothing before.

Why you ask? Because it allows gamers to play serverless and it gives players more controll over their assets in the game with the help of their asset management which makes sure that gamers truly own their items. In addition to that payments are more secure and easy to do as there are no third party that demand extra fees.

What Xaya offers

Xaya is helping new projects a lot by offering a huge amount of advantages like unlimited transactions inside games, no need to use any servers, easy and safe trading of items, using without any big difficulties.

Isn't that awesome? Together with Xaya a lot of new awesome projects can be developed and by doing that Xaya introduces users & developers in a new era of gaming.

Current Featured Games

Xaya already worked with developers to publish two awesome games which you can check out here:
Soccer Manager
Treat Fighter

If you take a look at these games you see the big potential of Xaya and what they can do to improve the gaming experience.

Do you want to find out more?

The check out their great website with a lot of informations about their project: XAYA

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