2020 Cash will be obsolete

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2020 Cash will be obsolete

Right now we are in a state of a digital transformation of this world.

Gone are the old days where we stashed away some cash under the cushion, nowadays it has become the more digital way.

Even apparent in my hometown with words at the check-out in our local supermarket like sorry we don't have enough change and the teller quickly asking a colleague for some cents to give it back to me.

Just yesterday I saw a guy payed his bill with the all new cashless transaction NFC (Near Field Communication) card, just swiping it over the counter and was ready to go in milliseconds.

So the world is changing fast and the cryptoworld is even faster.

I think this first rise of the Bitcoin was just the beginning of our human digital transformation.

Faster and better technologies will find their way into the stream of the digital realm mankind invented and called it the internet.

And certainly the coming artificial intelligence speaking for itself, so it won't be our task anymore to develop and improve the system, although we still have some right to say in a matter until this plug is getting pulled from us.

With technology evolving so fast it's only a matter of time before we humans are rendered obsolete.

For everyone who is interested to take a deeper look into our future should watch the series Humans, best I've ever watched in years, I think it describes the interaction between man and machine well done.

Our only hope is that they won't get rogue on us and instead will bring a better future for all mankind.

As always, have fun :)

Trailer source: https://www.youtube.com/
Image source: https://www.amazon.com/

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

think this first rise of the Bitcoin was just the begining of our human digital transformation.
It should be beginning instead of begining.

Thank you for adjimicating me, best example that humans are not free of errors and they shouldn't be, otherwise we wouldn't learn ;)