Pimp your War Ride with Free Benzene and a 100% Upvote

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Pimp My WarRide

The WarRiders pre-sale has been a success so far. In the first 24 hours vehicles were flying off the shelves. You still have plenty of time to get in early on this. The prices of the vehicles have risen but they aren't excessively high yet. The only car that has gone up substantially in cost is the Lambo, but that is to be expected. Given the limited amount and cool factor, I still think they are a steal. Another interesting part of the pre-sale is your vehicle stats are random. There is a range of stats based on the vehicle type, so you can get lucky and land an OP vehicle eventhough you are buying now. This also means you might get unlucky and get a car with low stats. This post is dedicated to you! In today's giveaway post the winner will be the biggest loser. Post a screenshot of your vehicle with the most disappointing stats. The saddest ride will be pimped with 50 Benzene. I'll also be giving away 10 Benzene to a random entry.

Post You Saddest WarRiders Ride Below to Win 50 Benzene

Enter to Win 10 Benzene

-Only entries that complete all the steps will be valid. All valid entries will receive a 100% Upvote!

-The winner will be drawn in The-CIty

You must message me on Mr. Contest Discord to claim your prize!

Need 💰?

You can purchase 💰 by winning an auction @ http://the-city.surge.sh/ . Right now all the auctions are at bottom prices, so you either get a great deal 💰 or win some ETH!

Enter to Win Madden 19, While there's still Time

Winner Winner

Congrats @hodlsome

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that is on slow suv

All done. War Riders - Google Chrome 28.08.2018 11_32_24.png

you are going to make us a game monster. Because of you i am growing to fast and i am appreciate it. All entry done for the contest @brittuf


Top of the charts in armor, but OMG sooooo slow

Your post is very informative . This inform is helpful for all stemians . Thanks for sharing @brittuf

1972 Vega. This was my first car I owned. It looked good but its stats were terrible. Slow. Poor handling. Engine block cracked. I was the biggest loser in the school parking lot. lol

Thanks a lot, this is very informative. There are humans in this platform pretending to provide information and click on-baiting customers. But this put up honestly packs a punch with all this information. well played sir.

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Nice contest boss

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Great, I liked the post. Thank you so much for sharing the post among us

All Done