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Hi friends,

When it comes to crypto, sometimes you are going backwards if you aren’t staking. Since new coins are being created, those who are not getting their fair share of the new coins are having their position in the coin diluted when looking at the overall market cap.


There are downsides and risks to staking. Since you are using a staking service, your coins have custody risk as they are in someone else’s care and not on a cold storage wallet under your control. Also, staking can mean locking your coins up, which is not helpful if you need to cash them out or they go on a big run and you can’t sell.

Knowing the risk and downsides, I still choose to stake most stakeable coins.

What is your approach to staking?

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I bet more on those whose work decreases and increases next. But nowadays nothing is being understood. Decline is being seen everywhere.

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