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RE: MAP Rewarder: More Details on the MAPR Token for Delegators and Investors - 25 July 2019

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I have just one MAPX token, can you simply tell me what I can do with it and what's the benefit, your write ups above is too complicated


Stake MAPX tokens for free daily upvotes.

The above post is about MAPR, not MAPX. See @map10k for posts about MAPX.
The more detailed summary for MAPX is:
Each MAPX token represents a 0.1% share in the daily voting power of the @map10k account. If you don't post for a day then the VP is used to earn. Earnings increase the underlying SP in the @map10k account so the value of the upvote should increase over time.

Thank you; couldn't have put it more concisely.

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