2018 Was The Best Thing That Happened To Crypto.

in crypto •  18 days ago


Prices may say otherwise but the masses may be in for the big surprise as development to the technology is robust despite the downturn in prices. One prominent investor even said that 2018 was the most successful year for Bitcoin.

I believe he makes a lot of sense in saying that. Some of the developments worth mentioning are the increased usage of Segwit which rose from 10% to 40%. This resulted in decreasing fees. Blockstream also made strides by making offline users access the blockchain through satellites, now with a very low-cost dish, everyone can use Bitcoin without using the internet.

The true value of the technology is real-life use cases, not just prices indicated by speculators. I believe Bitcoin and mainly other major cryptocurrencies as well have made giant development steps in these areas. While there is a crypto winter in the exchanges prices, there are red hot activities done in the backstage and making this technology more viable to benefit the masses.

How about you? What do you think about the futures of cryptocurrencies? Here is a video report coming from CoinTelegraph on the recent happenings in the world of crypto. Get updated and enjoy watching!

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