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Are you seriously into gaming? Then surely you must have craved and dream-pt of designing and launching a game of your own.

So what has been stopping you?

The Gaming industry as we know it is an expensive and resource hungry industry to get into.

Besides the great idea you need programming skills as well as high end computers and service to develop and test the games.

This makes game development a very expensive and risky business venture which requires deep pockets and extensive marketing skills.

The long development life cycle of games as a result of the fact that games are getting more and more complex needing a lot of time and money thus only a few big companies can afford to invest that kind of money into game development.

So that's why gaming as a industry has remained controlled by a few centralized players.

The solution is XAYA

XAYA is a decentralized blockchain on which anybody can build a game.
Not only that it puts a value to the time a player invests in playing a game and earning the in game merchandise and tokens which are the characteristics of almost all the games that we play today. It makes it possible to trade these tokens and in game assets in a decentralized marketplace specializing in gaming.

This results in the unique matching of demand and supply. On one side the complex games require long hours of gameplay to reach levels and achievements.
On the other side are the gamers who would love to get paid or earn assets and tokens with their gameplay time which can be traded for money.
XAYA makes it possible to meet both these demands at the same time.

This possibility would fuel the gaming market to a great extent as it would create both a platform to develop test and launch complex games at the minimal of cost and at the same time create an inactive audience interested in playing these games and getting paid in cryptocurrency in the process.

Let us see how this works

The team behind XAYA has successfully developed the hunter game way back in 2014
Based on this experience the project has evolved into XAYA.
XAYA offers a number of key aspects to make this gaming blockchain viable and desirable platform for both gamers as well as game developers.

True Blockchain Gaming

True blockchain games turn game worlds into Decentralised Autonomous Universes that run serverless, unstoppable and censorship resistant.

This means you no longer have to invest your resources in buying expensive gaming servers for developing games. You can use the resources available in this decentralized gaming world to develop your games.

Asset Management

With the XAYA platform for in-game assets, your players have true item ownership, garnering
greater loyalty for your game. XAYA’s asset management is simple to use with any programming language you choose.

Usually when we play a game we earn tokens or coins in the process . This is to mark our achievement within the game play environment. Though we can save our scores and resume our game play at a later time, these in games assets and tokens earned have no tradable value in the real world. With XAYA all these tokens and the assets earned by us in a gaming environment are owned by us and can be traded in the XAYA market place .

Payment Gateway

With XAYA, fraud is a thing of the past. As are high payment-processing fees. And it’s faster.
And easier. With no need to trust a 3rd party.

One of the greatest fears and risk in trading with a third party is the risk of fraud. This would no longer be the case using the XAYA Payment Gateway. An atomic transaction would ensure fair play in the payment process and do away with the need of having to trust an unknown third party. Even the fee of transaction would be greatly reduced as there would be no middle man involved.

This works by transferring both the sold item and the corresponding payment in CHI between the two participants of a trade in a single (atomic) transaction. This transaction needs to be signed by both parties, so that either both transfers happen or none. This prevents fraud where just the payment is made and the item isn’t transferred, or vice versa.

xara trading platform.jpg

What to expect from XAYA

  • A decentralized and autonomous environments that is run over a blockchain enabling multiple game channels.
  • True Item Ownership and fair acquisition: What you earn in a game is your earning.
  • Play to Earn gaming Experience : you can trade it to earn the XAYA cryptocurrency .
  • 24/7 Up-time
  • Trade your in game earning at a fair value without the risk of fraud.
  • Being provably fair

The new games coming up on XAYA

Treat Fighters

This game revolves in the world of Canedoom! as a player you can cook up your best treat
fighters and make your fighters compete with others.The USP of the gaming environment is that
the nodes act as servers thus creating a user experience in which the users experience a 100% uptime.

Soccer Manager

is a soccer team managing game which has already seen millions of downloads and is now
venturing into China.
So XAYA's association with this game would mean exposure of the XAYA platform to millions of


As a result of this association the user experience would be to offer fair gameplay and true ownership of in-game assets to the players.the users of the game on the XAYA platform would have full ownership of the in-game assets include currency, players, stadiums etc.

The XAYA money

XAYA is a cryptocurrency based blockchain environment having its own cryptocurrency called Chi.
This would be the currency through which all trades would be carried out on the XAYA platform.
The XAYA currency Chi is POW (proof of work ) currency.

With this setup and use of Chi the scaling issue faced by various cryptocurrencies and the blockchain based games would be resolved by XAYA by using multiple game channels.
The game channels record various game activities and states on to private side chains.
The use of "digital signatures" and "hash-chain structures" ensures that fraudulent activities can be prevented.
When it comes to the distribution of rewards a 2-of-2 multi-signature transactions is used so that in case of a dispute the honest player can prove his genuineness and get the reward.

As per the image above in case a dispute is raised which gets resolved the game continues and the transactions are put onto the main blockchain. This way the scalability gains and costing
such as the players transaction fees are saved.
In case a player tries to disrupt the game frequently then an ephemeral timestamps becomes useful.

  • Nodes can send data (D) to be timestamped (T) by the public network and blockchain –
    Merkle trees make this free per timestamp and miners are still incentivized to process these
    timestamps . These timestamps can be used to prove to the network that another person could have known D during T – this can be used to prove that said gamer did not act in the game channel by that
    channel’s rules; paying out the honest player on the spot and covering the cost of latest timestamp

What type of games to expect to come up on XAYA

  • Collectible card games
  • Real-time strategy games (RTS)/ multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA)
  • Turn-based games

The XAYA main sale is on

Currently the main sale of the XAYA coin is on and offers a great opportunity to be a part of the XAYA ecosystem.


Moving to a decentralized blockchain environment is the way the gaming industry needs to move in order to cash in on the gaming industry boom. XAYA offers just the right tools for both the industry and the gamers. Its successful hunter project ,its association with namecoin and its projected future growth show great promise and open the doors of opportunities for game developers, gamers and investors alike.

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