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You are a great developer of applications within the blockchain, but you are already tired of using large computers that work in multiple programming languages, having different types of databases coincide, of running thousands of tests to make sure that the software works correctly , and having to work 24/7 on different components and pray that they integrate without problems.

Well today I bring you the solution.

I introduce you to Buddy:

With the sum of 7,000 developers using it, Buddy is a platform for development and implementation of blockchain applications, which will allow you to optimize and streamline all aspects of development when creating applications in the blockchain.

Buddy, will take care of the redundant and slow parts of the development. Those parts that have to be done, but that every developer fears.

Imagine for a moment the development of an application such as the construction of a house.

Bored Part:

Fun Part:

Buddy will take care of all the boring tasks when it comes to application development. This leaves developers with more opportunity to concentrate on their core product, such as their design and user interface, while Buddy helps implement and maintain their DApps.

You are not convinced yet, you want to know more.

Well I'll tell you, Buddy was established in 2015 and from that moment with his great team he started working on the development of a platform to help reduce the redundant processes that companies and developers have to do.

Buddy with its platform is mainly oriented to give you solutions, therefore it focuses on covering the following aspects:
  • Automation Marketplace
  • BlockchainOps
  • Private Automation GRID
  • Shared Automation GRID

    Automation Marketplace

The automation marketplace is the “Appstore” or “Playstore” for web developers. There is a selection of automation scripts, free and premium, that developers can use to automate all types of tasks! Developers can also submit their own scripts and earn.
These exchanges are facilitated by the BUD token, which incentivizes an economy for developers to purchase and sell automation scripts.


Buddy has built automation scripts to assist developers working on blockchain projects! These are maintenance and deployment tools that will cut developer time spent on repetitive tasks.

BlockchainOps already supports EOS and the team is working on adding support for others such as ETH, NEO, ICX, TRX, NEM ect. Buddy aims to enable efficient development across all blockchains!.

BlockchainOps not only eases the tasks existing developers have to deal with, but also helps mass adoption by making it easier for new developers to enter the realm of blockchain development.

Private Automation GRID

A Private Automation GRID is used to run private instances of Buddy. The Private Automation GRID will use auto-discovery as well as replication to enable scalability. By using the Private Automation GRID, developers and companies will be able to automate the entire development and deployment process.

Essentially, this means that the automation process/algorithm offered by Buddy can be run within a local or private hardware environment.

Shared Automation GRID

A Shared Automation GRID is similar to a Private Automation GRID, except that it allows others on the Buddy network to run some of the instances to off-load resource intensive tasks.

The Private and Shared Automation GRID can be integrated to work with one another.

As previously mentioned, developers need to use tests to ensure the integrity of their software.

A good example of a Private and Shared integration would be that the Private Automation GRID is used to deploy a software, and then the Shared Automation GRID is used to perform the tests on the said software. This means that even if there are many different tests to run against the main software, it can be performed at the same time by utilizing numerous Buddy instances as required by the size of the project.

Remember that Buddy's main goal is to help you focus on what really matters about the actual product. For this reason he has established alliances with Microsoft, Google, Github and others.

To finish I'll talk about the BUD Token and economy.
The Buddy platform will use BUD tokens to create an economy for developers to make purchases from the automation market as well as utilize the Automation GRIDs.

BUD tokens will allow developers to earn from sharing their tools on the platform while users can purchase those tools using BUD tokens.

By joining the Buddy economy users can also act as nodes for the Automation GRID and earn from their computers being utilized to run tasks for developers!

For more information watch this review


Hi @almg2007

Another piece of good writing. BUDDY indeed seem to be an amazing tool for developers and it will simplify their tasks. Great project so far.

I like the fact, that they already have an working product. So it's not just another ICO trying to get funds with nothing but white-paper and website.

Good luck with @originalworks contest :) Obviously upvoted

Yours, Piotr

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