Xaya The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform

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"What is Xaya
Xaya is the development of a virtual world hosted in a decentralized manner, without using a server.
Xaya cut time what the game needs to get the concept until release and reduce financial burden instructor and administration in small development groups.

Decentralized game players will have real ownership for online assets and share on potential benefits built by the developer, done to change assets online becomes real world value by using cryptocurrency through simple, safe trading.
Xaya also allows the game world to fully run autonomouly until the player doest not lose the asset because third parties.
Beause there are many platforms asset storage where the game is centered, where is blockchain used for save this asset, that cause game server problem is closed, making assets worthless.

Xaya the ultimate blockchain

why does the team work on Huntercoin, because Huntercoin was a big success with more than IDR 35.000, characters interact together with the game and it's autonomous which doesn't require a server until it becomes hobby project with market capitalization 10 million USD. And format for Huntercoin.


  • Can you say fair
  • Decentralized environment
  • True item ownership and fair acquisition
  • 24/7 up time
  • Get game play experience
  • Fraud proof trading

"CEO~Andrew Colosimo

Xaya is Custom blockchain based on namecoin which he has led for 5 years, voluntarily.

Xaya works the way solve scaling problems, using a variety of innovative methods namely the technology game channel, acquired in 2015 and published in 2016 in the ledger.
Basically this is a platform to build blockchain games with almost unlimited complexity and without expensive gas prices.


Ownership of real assets, genres, new games , fully decentralized virtual world and does not need a server.


In 2013, Xaya team was previously Chimaera, introduce the world to true blockchain games, who has pushed the blockchain forward with several innovations.

The R and D team is proud to present new platform, where the game can run without a server and unstoppable on blockchain with thousands of games and millions of players innumerable.

1 -True blockchain Game
Change the game world, become a decentralized autonomous world run serverless unstoppable and hold the sensor.

2-Asset management
With the Xaya platform for in-game assets, have actual item ownership gather great loyalty and management Xaya assets, easy to use, with programing languages.

3- Payment gateway
Payment processing fee tall one faster and easiei.

  • Innovatin through experience
    Developed and maintained by the first pioneer in game blockchaind, voluntary leader from the namecoin project and bitcoin core contributors.

  • Human mining
    the first genre introduced by Huntercoin in the blockchain genre distributed awards based on the player's success in online game competitions.

  • DR VR, AR and DR decentralized reality.
    DR is a virtual world unstoppable where is there no central authority.

  • atomic trade, guarantee the safe trading of virtual assets no the possibility of fraud.

  • Network game channels peer-to-peer, remind of the network gamified, where players can participate in real time, without trust.

  • Scalable. bottom-up design using game channel technology for transactions, which are almost unlimited in the gaming world

  • There is no server, run the game cmpletely on blockchain without a centralized server.

*Safe trade, safe without trust guarantee the absence of fraud

  • MMO, online game design multi player without server and show time

  • Real ownership,true asset ownership more than buying, selling, and trading.

  • Easy development, can build games in any language ctt, javascript, python, net

  • Proven safe, using the pawn custom mining method with sha 256d1, merger guarantef but bitcoin miners.


Why partnershipsh with games such as soccer managers are important. because it will mean direct exposure to millionp of players and to offer a full blockchain.

By joining and playing soccer manager then players can come as close as possible to become a real football manager.

Cryptocurrency gets a value frm many users, who make lotp of transactions, developers and games,
Development problems time and cost, from concept to market is very large.
Gamers problem.. higher demand, for games that are richer, and more complex.
To these two problems, complement each other, the more complex games requested, the fewer prnojects that make it to the market.

Xaya White Paper

  • Technology
    Scaling is, problemp for cryptocurrency as well as massive games, property as the main wealth, digital signature and floor structure must ensure that, the movement cannot cheat, or be taken back when the players agree result of the match, then the prize will be distributed through 2-of-2 multi signature transaction the problem is tested, with the first channel format if a dispute is raised but then resolved the game continues as before place transactions on the main blockchain thus removing the scalability advantage the solution nodes can send data miners still get incentives to process the time cup, time stamp used for prove on the network pay honest players on the spot and cover the latest timestamp costs.
    Type of game :
  • collection card game
  • Real time strategy game
  • Turn based game

Xaya Main Sale

Xaya as a direct seller, users buy tokens and register to get token, by completing, some basic task.
Xaya has a very active community who happily answers every user's question on their Xaya telegram group.
Token seller will run for 5 week September 7th

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