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From the last few months trend of crypto going higher . Now this trend is slowly converting into deflationery crypto currency because they attract buyers and traders. Today i will introduce the best project which you have never seen before that is EROSION token first hypodeflatonery currency based on etherem blockchain
Original number of total EROSION TOKEN is 10,000,000 . This number will never increase forever.Whenever eros token is sent every time 0.01% will burn. Yeah its true on every transaction 0.01% will gone forever. Thats why they known as hypodeflationery asset
EROSION TOKEN symbolically known as EROS is an ERC20 standard protocol for easy Dapp intergration while still providing the long term benefits of deflation. Eros token is more compatible then other crypto asset that are currently listed on coinmarket cap,coingecko the most trusted platform of crypto.Eros token also listed on Forkdelta, token store. Moreover EROS will be integrated into a large expansive ecosystem of dapps that will help drive mass adoption.As mass adoption project will always go high because this coin will use by public. Mass adoption also help crypto currency to become famous in all over world as it is our future
AS in every project supply always mater if the coin have billions of supply then their future price will never go up as we see in different crypto coins but in EROS There will only ever be 10 million EROS tokens created. This supply will decrease overtime increasing scarcity. This will attract investor and traders to invest in EROS AND will earn profit in future
The best part of this project is that EROS is non self destruction asset EROS burns down to the 14th decimal meaning there will be a remaining supply once all burning has completed. So coins will remain in the market after all burn
8 ,000,000 EROS will be locked in a smart contract that will space drop 500 EROS each to whitelisted addresses, to whitelist your address you would need to post your address(must have a transaction of any kind before 30 days of spacedrop begins) and your twitter profile link (which must retweet the pinned tweet on EROS official twitter account) to @Erosion Spacedrop. If the msg passes these requirements a bot will PM the user instructions on how to recieve the airdrop! Every address or twitter account can only be used once. This space drop will only last 2 months, and if by the end of the two months, any tokens are remaining in the contract, they will be burned.
In the end I just want to said that crypto is always provide benefit to investor and traders if they invest in good project. ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND THAT INVESTMENT IS RISK . Eros token is first hypodeflationery currency based on ethereum blockcian so there are bright chances that this project will succeed because of two main reason. First one is that trend of deflationery currency is going on so hopefully it will also become successfull. Another reason for their success is that this is first deflation currency based on ethereum blockchain so people will attract with this project. In the end profit and loss both is yours so always study the project
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