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Does it have Steem?

@sarahjay1 yes dear, it is having steem pair , steem/usdt and have decent volume also of apx 19K $ or apx 85k steem. But I prefer different wallet for steem.

How are you. Which part of the world you belong , are you on discord.

Thanks for the tip <3. I'll take a look. I'm from Canada, but I currently live in South America.

@sarahjay1 oh wow , that's cool i am from India. I work as back office executive. What about you.

I used to work as a science journalist (as you can see in my posts hehe), but now I work at home.

@sarahjay1 that's cool. How is your city look like is it beautiful.

Yeah, the city I live is okaj. At least the part where I live, some other areas are not so nice. So how about you? Where do you live?

@sarahjay1 i live in city- Indore it's in the heart of India. It is beautiful but very crowded. How is your steemit going on.

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