State of True Flip -- #3

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Here’s the next State of True Flip with some news on our recent developments. We hope it meets your expectations!

  • TFL Parking launched to simplify token holders’ participation in the devoted activities;
  • The bounty token allocation has started;
  • The closed draw for TFL holders has been conducted;
  • Minor security improvements and bug fixes;
  • launched (to be improved yet) – users can now track all their transactions, deposits, withdrawals and purchases in True Flip;
  • User content posting added – share your success story in case of a win;
  • launched – for our B2B partners;
  • Email dispatch with draw results is back.

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True Flip Team

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I was expecting to hear about the progress of the dividend distribution,

The profile page uses the total supply amount to calculate the dividends. In this case, I assume we will be providing you an ETH address to check our tokens.

For instance, my share is 0.072832% because it's the percentage of my tokens to the total supply.

6500 (My Tokens) / 8,924,667 (Total Supply) = 0.072832%

if it's going to be calculated on the total supply, every token holder should provide an ETH address. So, everyone can get their share.

Otherwise, it should be calculated on the total amount of parked tokens.

6500 (My Tokens) / Total of Parked tokens (Provided ETH address via Website) = The percentage of shares can be a lot higher and the token holders will be encouraged to park their tokens. Being honest in this case, I would at least double my TFL portfolio.

I'd love to hear about those, thanks very much in advance...

Your team is doing great nice developments around :)

I appreciate the "State of True Flip" information channel. That will build trust for the great project, thank you for the efforts!