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RE: Mexikos Regelwerk für Kryptowährungen wartet nur noch auf die Unterschrift des Präsidenten

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Hi @submarine !

I really support your work because in my opinion it is bad to only copy paste text without adding own ideas and insert the source but could you please check the last 11 links you reported of me because I always translate only parts of the article all myself into German and use not the whole article, I make it clearly visibly with markdown, I add my own thoughts and discuss the news in the articles I use and I also always add the source of the news to it:

I already asked a steem admin about it and everything is in the guidelines. Thanks a lot for checking them again and could you please try to fix this so the problem will not reappear with your bot in the future. Thanks a lot.

have a great day.

Cheers !


Who's this "steem admin"? There is no such thing as a steem admin.

You've violated the copyright law by copying articles and adding a small comment about it.

and yeah sorry I did not really talked to admins but pretty big curators and project supporters in our German Discord group. Feel free do join anytime:

So just do make it clear for me because I do not want to play against the rules of course:

-> If I take a news post from Cointelegraph
-> Translate it into German with my own work
-> Post the original English Source of the news below it
-> Add my comment to it so that I can discuss it with my Steem community

Then it is not allowed because I am not allowed to write about the news since Cointelegraph already did it before me right?

But how are other news sites also posting their articles about that news?

And how comes some posts of mine are not detected although it is the same principle behind it?

Thanks for answering my friend. I really do not want to start a fight here.

I've pulled my flag as requested by @submarine. I support both the decision to defer to steemcleaners and @submarine's recommendations as per the content of your posts.

I also noticed that they image you used has a watermark of the content owner in the top left corner. That means it's copyright protected.

NO please do not do it if you do not want to!

I mean I really support it a lot since I am also totally against making mistakes and I also asked the @steemcleaners for some information and improvements about my mistake.

Thanks a lot for your recommendations.

Those are really some epic points and I will definitely use some other pictures from pixaybay instead which are generally free to use licensed and I will add every source of them as well in the future.

I will also change the title to make sure it is meant to be an discussion about the news.

Thanks once again.

The quoted source could be made even more clearly visible

by formatting it like this.
That leaves no questions as to who wrote what.

You can do this with

> place quoted text here

Further, even attributing the original owner, you may want to check whether or not you're allowed to translate the piece.

I believe that you need permission for a translation as well, unless you write up the information in your piece with your own words and phrasing.