Jay-Z Gets Into The Crypto Game: Steps Closer To Mainstream Adoption...?

in crypto-news •  11 months ago

It seems we’re yet a few steps closer to crypto going mainstream...

While it was recently announced that 50 Cent discovered he’d been sitting on millions worth of Bitcoin from an album release in 2014, following other news of Hip Hop Stats such as Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled, Ghostface Killah, DJ Gramatik, and others showing their support for the blockchain revolution, you know it’s getting real when none other than the top rapper & business mogul in the Hip Hop world gets into the game: Jay-Z.

Having always been a keen businessman, Sean Carter - a.k.a. Jay-Z - has an impressive entrepreneurial track record, transitioning from the illegal crack game to building Roc-A-Fella Records as one of the top record labels in the game, expanding the Roc-A-Fella empire across a range of industries from fashion to film & TV, and outwards into liquor, sports, and streaming music.

Carter is no fool. And thus, it may come as no surprise he be hopping on the crypto train - investing in the free stricken trading app, Robinhood, which just reported a couple weeks ago that it’d be adding cryptocurrency to its platform

According to his new venture capital firm ARRIVE, Jay is investing in Robinhood which allows for free stock trading. Originally founded in 2013 the brand boasts over three million users to date and is currently valued at 1.3 billion, yes billion, dollars.

The service also allows subscribers to trade crypto currency including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, the brand announced Robinhood Crypto in January.



While we can only speculate on just how much Jay-Z knows about crypto or what exactly his intentions were with the move, this could definitely be seen as a sign that crypto is moving closer to mainstream adoption.

With millions of fans worldwide as one of the greatest rappers of all-time, there are alot of eyesbon Jay-Z, and this transition to supporting the blockchain revolution is not likely to go unnoticed.

Pair that up with the anti-establishment philosophical alignments of Hip Hop culture with that of cryptocurrency, and it’s reasonable to expect that the news shall turn at least a few followers of pop culture onto the possibilities on the horizon with crypto’s infiltration and transmutation of mainstream economics.

What’s to come as more celebrities begin endorsing cryptocurrency in such a fashion...?

Time shall tell.

Though any way it unfolds, stories like these are undoubtedly a sign that we’re on the right track to forwarding a massive revolution, as the stars shine their light on the transformational power of this technology...

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I feel like people are more willing to give it a try now.

As Jay-Z once said, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a /BUSINESS/, man”. Dude knows how to invest his money and build a good foundation for whatever business he enters. Hopefully this leads to more crypto growth and mainstream appeal. 50 Cent recently revealed that he invested in Bitcoin a long time ago and forgot about it as well. These two guys could reach a whole new audience that hasn’t been exposed to the market yet!

hello @rok-sivante, where are you. it's been two days you did not post


ha ha. have felt burnt out with Steemit, need a breather... :-)


haha, I'm waiting for you master.🙌

good news, and this is one of the Spirit Posts for all of us. hopefully this really happened and I hope this problem will last long. we are a small fish very eager to hear this problem, and for you @rok-sivante thank you give the best info...!


Mmm... not sure if it’s just a translation matter, though what “problem” are you referring to?

No “problem” spoken of in this article. You might be looking for a different word...?


I see steem power your growing, can you help me how to add steem power?


Two options:

  1. Earn rewards and keep locked in Steem Power.

  2. Invest in Steem and Power Up into Steem Power.


okay, thanks for this information, I'm sorry if my words above are not good. 😊 thanks sir

Very accurate bit detection. I agree with you. One of the most prominent building blocks of the footsteps of the fourth industrial revolution is blockchain infrastructure and "Coin" is now a part of our lives. Thank you for sharing. @rok-sivante


I agree, the blockchain revolution is here to stay. I don’t see the world getting rid of cryptos if they could


You are commenting on this topic and
Here's proof that you're here... Dear @masscollective

Would be keen to know the extent of the deal.. Did Robinhood pay Jay? or is this just an investment move that J got introduced to.. Didn't see any mention of it from Jay himself though.. The stars could end up being the toughest to convert though, given they're entrenched in the current financial system a lot more than we are..


News said investment deal, not sponsorship. Still pretty fresh, so probably more to come in the months ahead...

this guy is the owner of the tidal app, maybe accept crypto to pay the monthly and so compete better with napster, spotify and soundcloud


Hmmm... in consideration of that recent news about 50 Cent making millions in Bitcoin on his album sales, that could make sense...

dear @rok-sivante this is really very valuable news on cryptocurrency, but bitcoin is must for me & i like bitcoin dear

제가 산 암호화폐는 미래를 산것이라 생각합니다 투기를 하지 않았고 투자를 했습니다 미래를 샀기 때문에, 단지 현재를 바라 보는 것 뿐입니다.

Crypto will attract all people to get involve.

We are going more and more to mass adoption.. 2018 will explode and gains will be made by us early goers... I tell ya, HODL and relax all! :)

Good luck with everything :)
/ @sanktnico

This is only the start, as more celebrities get into crypto. This is why we are still at the very early stages of the market in my humble opinion.

UK Baroness (and bra magnate) Michelle Mone was in the news last week as she wants to do an ICO. Her timing wasn't the best because it was right after the big dip but it got a lot of news coverage:



Hmm... crypto + bras... sounds like a winning combo... lol :-p


It's certainly a winning combo for her!



Yessah! This is going to be fun for years to come... Aloha from Maui, Hawaii!

U never know who all have invested in bitcoin....abd currently sitting on top of it....but the more popular one endorses it cryptocurrecy gets more popularity.....👌

Also Monero I think is or was being accepted as a form of payment for music? I read that somewhere.

Having some rich hoodlums interested in crypto isn't that positive of a sign


If you think Jay-Z is a hoodlum, you clearly don’t know too much about him...

Thank you for that article I am also pretty new crypto but I might be not to late. Havent heard from Robin Hood yet so I am going to read more about this.
Greetings from Vietnam


let's just say that Jay Z is not the sharpest tool in the shed.



I have.

And your judgement towards a legend with kindergardener language has officially lost my respect for you.


Meanwhile how many platinum albums featuring MC talent that few can parallel get thrown to the wayside because of unfulfilled expectations from one interview...? 😂

Jay-Z is a smart guy, I’m surprised it to him so long. Then again he could have invested a long time ago and just started speaking about it.

You are a great analyst, this is an interesting topic for me to respond to. I want to share my thoughts with you, hopefully you do not mind if I add some of my arguments through this comment field. In my opinion: in the era of globalization, we can not avoid or resist the flow of technological advances. Everyone should be able to accept the fact that times have changed. One of the highly developed technologies is computer technology and internet network. Many people in the world create unique and creative innovations to support a comfortable, easy, effective and efficient community life with technology.

Cryptocurrency or crypto currency trusted cyberspace community that cryptocurrency will become the currency of the modern era where we can save, send, save even to buy goods though.
In addition, the public will need some features to support the convenience of transacting with crypto currency, for example is the security of assets, ease in sending and receiving funds, fast and realtime transactions, and so on.

Cryptocurrency can not be separated from the innovation and advancement of digital technology that can not be dammed and increasingly affect the lives of modern humans.
The rate of technology is not only visible from the activity of surfing the internet with Google applications for example. Moreover, digital technology also touches on a fundamental aspect - without reduction to call it the only essential need of modern society - in everyday life, money as a medium of exchange.

We know that the money that is generally applicable in the world today is the physical money that we have known since we first got an allowance from parents.
But apparently, in this dynamic modern world, in addition to the physical money - whether dollars, dollars, dinars, riyals, yen, or yuan - there is also money in a virtual form called cryptocurrency.

Terence A. Shimp (2003: 460) defines "Celebrities are the characters (actors, entertainers, athletes) known to the public because of their achievements in different areas of the supported product classes." Well-chosen figures can at least attract attention to a product or brand. Meanwhile, according to M. Suyanto (2007: 158) "Celebrities are people known to the public (actors, actresses, athletes to support a product)".

Based on two terms above celebrities can be understood that the included celebrities are actors, actresses, entertainers who are known to the public due to its achievements. The word entertainer here can represent someone who is an entertainer, whether they are guiding an event or television program (being a presenter) or those who are indeed stars in humorous events.

From here the advertisers make them (celebrities) as a model in advertising or often called celebrity endorser. According to Terence A. Shimp (2002: 455) the definition "Celebrity endorser is utilizing an artist, entertainer, athlete, and public figure that many people know to succeed in their respective fields of supported fields."

In this case, if then crypto is publicized through them, then we can not deny that crypto will enter the stage of glory. A very spectacular development will be seen, celebrities are one of the most important people in marketing this crypto public society.

Thank you, hopefully useful ..

by: @ponpase from Indonesia.

Every news like this is great for crypto. The wider the public acceptance the better.

Lol.....hiphop and rap on the blockchain @rok-sivante

Rappers are soon going to be lined up with crypto wallet gold medallions on their chains.

The age of crypto is coming...

...meanwhile Kanye West just scored 106 points against a team of wheelchair teens in a charity event.

Slam dunk!

It is good more and more people join crypto



Hope that he could bring the Robinhood to fly, woohoo

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Hip hop is going to take over crypto

I think upcoming rappers and the next generation rappers will have names such as:

Etherium - Lil Ether
Dash - Dash cents
Steem - Lil steem
Monero - Young Monero
Bitcoin - Satoshi Kid
Litecoin - Lil-toshi
Blockchain- Block-chains
Steem dollar - SBD millionare
Bitcoin - Lil Nagamoto
Verge - Young verge

We already have Black Satoshi.
The latest cryto-rapper on the block...

Two day I not see you brother @roksivante missing you because your post give me more new information

Jay-Z is definitely a smart businessman and entrepreneur, even when he was young he understood that dealing drugs was just a stepping stone for him to accomplish bigger and better legal things... This is a cool interview with him explaining the lyrics for 99 problems

YES! I can't wait for mass adoption!