Crypt0's News: August 2nd, 2017 - ETHFINEX / Bitcoin Cash Drama / Coinbase Lawsuit / Finding Your Ledger BCH / Next BTC Fork / More!

in crypto-news •  2 years ago

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Very good to catch most of this video live. How do you personally feel about another bitcoin fork caused by segwit2x? Do you think that Bitcoin Cash will be the new bitcoin? Or do you believe that people are just trying to spread more and more FUD to manipulate the markets?


BCH goes down as soon as deposits are enabled...
2x might not happen, there is still time, what we need is off-chain solution like lightning network

You're the man Crypt0, thanks for the latest as always!

Thanks, nice video

As always.. very informative.. :-)

Hahahaha droppin F bombs like a boss!

Awesome video as always! Thanks for making it :D

Love the info man!! You are certainly my new fave to follow

Bcash... more like Btrash! Whether you like it or not, having multiple bitcoin is not a good idea if you want mass adoption. Most people have a hard enough time grasping the crypto space as is, and having a bunch of different Bitcoins doesn't help that. Segwit without 2x but with lightning network is really the direction they should try to go. Yes this won't really help the high fee issue as much as they would like, but that is where Litecoin can fit in (to compliment Bitcoin for smaller and cheaper transactions). As for Btrash, it should find a nice field to go die in! Anyways just my 2 cents...


ha i've been calling it that tooo lol

Keep learning..keep earning!

Next Bitcoin fork?!?! >.>


Yeah , SegwitX2 Fork from Core.

Great video my friend!

That is great job i also start following best of luck thanks@sharoon

Coinbase need to reconsider and do the right thing before any lawsuit.

Glad I stop using polo. Thanks Crypt0!

Good video show tonight with a lot of info. thanks so much!

i have problem with polo - withdraw. Who have also?

Thanks for the great post Omar.

Some amazing times were living in eh?

Are you going to Anarchapulco 2018 ?

BTCX=Fast Bitcoin-Starship fast, check out @stan
Not sure if it's gonna be BTCX or BTSX, I thought BTCX was better.


LOL.....coinbase users are actually pushing for a lawsuit over BCH even though coinbase stated that they were not going to credit users BCH after the fork!?!? Really interested in how this is going to play out. #InCryptosWeTrust