BREAKING NEWS - Winklessvoss ETF Appeal Denied By The SEC

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Could the denial be because the ETF was in to small of units?

Who needs em'? Stop using their fiat and they'll lose their power.........

I don't think that a marriage between crypto and establishment can happen without the surrender of crypto to absolute control. What establishment wants is Ripple, but what the rest of the people really want is Monero without realizing it.

I remember Andreas Antonopoulos saying that they play in a gilded cage. It prevents establishment money from playing in the field of crypto to a large extent. I think that there's a sort of karmic lesson here; that this invention is not for the establishment, but for the financially excluded.

It would be horrible if establishment could get in right away and use their manipulation to shake out 3rd world hodlers so that the really big money can buy in really cheap. The Jamie Dimon's of this world cry bitcoin is a fraud and the JP Morgans suck up the blood in the streets.

Let them be excluded. This 1776 moment should be reserved for the 5.5 billion people in the world who have little. Bitcoin will protect them from being shaken down by governments through the stealth theft of QE.

for the reasons they listed the SEC wont EVER approve a ETF for bitcoin at that rate

This is more about rhe previous application instead of the current ones so there still may be a chance for the approval of others. The SEC recently announced moving the decisions for those to September which provides them more time to consider optiona to mitigate their concerns regarding security and consumer protection.

things like ETFs remind me of GLD which get people buying paper gold not the real thing . This is just a way to control the price

Crypto is like petroleum. In the beginning they didn't even know what to do with it. Later they were waging wars for it.
It really is money based on science. Wonder how long, they'll take to get on the train?

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BTC still heading to 6 figures 🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹

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