Bitcoin Has a New Top Dark Market

in crypto-news •  3 years ago  (edited)

Dream Market is now the most popular bitcoin-enabled dark market.

The finding is the result of a new collaboration between blockchain analytics startup Skry and information security firm Terbium Labs, one that analyzed millions of URLs to identify the most popular sites for illicit bitcoin commerce.

The case study, released today, is being positioned by the companies as a countermeasure against the rise of new proposals from the bitcoin community, including those such as CoinJoin and MimbleWimble, both of which seek to increase user privacy on the public blockchain.

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Can we get an Anonymous attack against these companies? Maybe a serious DDOS against both companies' servers and/or a data dump, so they think twice about invading peoples privacy. It's bad enough the NSA spies on everyone, we don't need private firms joining the cause of Big Brother!!!!


You can attack these companies all you want, they'll keep coming. The solution is (proactive) to innovate anonymity, not interfere (reactive) with private security or law enforcement.


It's an open blockchain no one's privacy has actually been compromised from what I understand. This is the reason coins like Monero, Dash and the upcoming Zcash can hold real value when dark markets adopt them though.

in what way are bit coins 'illicit'?


The coins themselves aren't illicit it is the transaction they were involved in. It's like the terms 'dirty money' or 'blood money', it's how the money was used.

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