Sterlin Lujan | Merging Technology and Spirituality | Coinvention Philadelphia & Anarchapulco 2018!

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Crypto-Anarchism | What does it really mean?

There seems to be many facets to this relatively new term, and there are many takes on what the true value Blockchain Technology brings to modern society. This man's take is one of my (@chickencaam) personal favorites.

Sterlin Lujan (@sterlinluxan) is a Psychological Anarchist who spends his days traveling the world and talking to people about this new concept. He lectures about the leveling power of this technology to create a truly Free and open Digital Market for the People.

Carmen Carangi (@chickencaam) had the pleasure of catching up with him at The Amazing new Upstart Philadelphia Blockchain Conference Coinvention (

Anarcho-Capitalists are extremely excited about this Technological Social Experiment because when fully realized it will be the first time that a market could function based solely on the will of each individual without interference or forced transactions by a government!

Sterlin also speaks about his wonderful experience Speaking at Anarchapulco 2018 and Peaking on MDMA on the beach. He explained that in that Psychedelic Moment, he felt like what we are doing with all of this Crypto-Mania is, in a sense, Manufacturing God by

"Merging technology and Spirituality to Create a Better World"

What is even more wild, is that @chickencaam went digging through his Anarchapulco Footage and found a video of Himself asking Sterlin about his feelings on Cannabis after his Psychedelic Presentation.

It's all captured and revealed in the video below!!

After being arrested for engaging in the Free Market activity of Trafficking MDMA and Cocaine, Sterlin began to study Austrian Economics. He read the works of Murray Rothbard, Jeffery Tucker, and a host of other Free thinker's who supposed that when the individuals are all given a free and open playing field, that prosperity will come as a result of the equilibrium of the Market.

Bitcoin and the other Crypto's have shown just how powerfully true this concept is, as they have increased in value Thousands of Percent over for simply created a free market where people can send money back and forth.

It's so Powerful yet so simple

Sterlin also tells the creation story of Cryptocurrency ,starting from it's inception and prediction during the Cypher-Punks Movement of the late 90's, to the birth of Satoshi's gift to Humanity - the Original Bitcoin Source Code.

His take on MDMA is a fascinating one, as he believes this compound helps foster Connection and Love between oneself and the outside world. He believes that is what is needed in the Crypto-Community right now, so if you own a hardware wallet and have yet to slam some E, we're basically giving you permission to disobey society and EXPAND your hemisphere of influence. Don't knock it 'till you try it!

The conversation ends on a very enlightened and pleasing note about Life and Spirituality. In regards to these topics Sterlin considers himself a Rational Mystic and he explains that concept quite eloquently -

"I think that Spirituality is just Dancing in the Mystery of Life! It's following your Passions, chasing your Dreams and trying to create something. To build a Legacy for You, Your Family, and for the Future of Humanity" - Sterlin Lujan (@sterlinluxan)

The State of Anarchy (@chickencaam especially) backs this kind of perspective so hard. How long until you join the Party?

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