XRapid Launch | BTC Bear Or Bull? | Futurism | SmartCash | Consciousness & Crypto -- AMA w/ Crypt0

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I have a feeling the market is gunna flatten out for a long time before another bull run begins.

I'm starting to feel the bear has begun hibernation as well! ;)

Oh man, not even started and I'm missing the beer!!! I wish I could join you, but it's a long way from where I'm at right now... Next time, cheers! Ripple for sure is not a scam, though banks are, so f#ck them. Crypto is supposed to make banks crash, not better gains. All good if you trade for more btc, but don't support it please be true to your thoughts.

Bull for the end of the year seasonal run right Omar??!!

Sad what happened to SmartCash, is an example that 3 greedy individuals can destroy a project in a shortime :(