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◆Bit coin (BTC)
SegWit Transaction volume is 34% of total transactions (+ 2% of week ago)

◆ Wallet service will introduce bitcoin SegWit address in Q1 2018

◆Bitcoin Dollar (BTD,BTDOLL) Token Distribution

◆Dominance (market share) is 43%

◆Bit coin cache (BCC, BCH) Wallet service will support bit coin cache in Q1 2018

◆ABC v0.17.0 release
Hard-fork to change consensus rules on May 15 at 7 pm (KST)
Major changes were to change the maximum block size from 8MB to> 32MB

◆Etherium (ETH)
Hash Power Decrease [253k GH / s]

◆Large-scale update Metropolis has two steps
Byzantium, the first fork,
The second fork goes to Constantinople
4,370,000 blocks (2:20 pm, October 16, 2017) Completed Byzantium Fork
Difficulty Bomb (Ice Age) Smoke and Mining Compensation to First Byzantium Fork 5-> 3ETH
Second Constantinople Hard Folk Schedule Still Undecided
April 5th Weekly News

◆ethereumj (JAVA) v1.7.2 hot fix release

◆Vitalic, a bit against the main ASIC against a fork

◆Bitmain ASIC launch, Etherium community is debating

◆Etherium Classic (ETC)
Hard fork for Difficulty Bombardment (ECIP-1041) in 5.9 million blocks (expected May 19)

◆Geth v5.1.1 Release

◆Ripple (XRP)
Expected to release v1.0 in the first half of 2018 (including sharding)

◆Monero (XMR)
Complete hard fork on April 6, increase ring signature size, change PoW algorithm to fight ASIC

◆Monroe leads to a situation where hard pork excursions except ASIC diggers and four Moneropok occur.

◆Zcash (ZEC)
April 6 Development Update
June 25 Overwinter forks scheduled

◆Stratis (STRAT)
Roadmap update for 1Q-2Q 2018
Full Node (GUI), Breeze Anonymous Protocol (Tumblebits), ICO Platform, Smart Contour Alpha, Sidechain Alpha Release

◆Full Node UI Beta v0.2.0 Release (Main Net)

April 2 Weekly News

◆MaidSafeCoin (MAID)
April 5 Development Update

◆April 23, 2018 developer conference going on

◆District0x (DNT)
April 7 Weekly News

◆Navcoin (NAV)
April 11 Weekly News

◆Tron (TRX)
April 6 Weekly News

◆BOScoin (BOS)
April 10 Newsletter

◆Aeternity (AE)
April 2 Development Update

◆Moeda (MDA)
April 8th Weekly News

◆Bytom (BTM)
April 9th ​​Weekly Report

◆Elastos (ELA)
1st place in Binance Exchange New Listing, scheduled to be listed later

◆DeepBrainChain (DBC)
April 10 Weekly Report

◆Iconomi (ICN)
April 6 Weekly Update

◆Agrello (DLT)
April 6 Weekly Update

April 9 Weekly Update

◆Nebulas (NAS)
April 10 Weekly Report

April 11 Weekly Update

◆Lunyr (LUN)
Dapp release, Windows version will be released in a few weeks

Launched on code name Kogia Etherium test net

v0.11.1 test net release

◆Groestlcoin (GRS)
Major development updates will be released on June 23 at 5 am (KST)

◆Listed on Coinrail of domestic exchange

Launch Dawn v3.0

◆FirstBlood (1ST)
April 5 Beta Development Update

◆OmiseGo (OMG)
Shinhan Card - Omi Seto, Block Chain Using Mobile Payment Process MOU

◆Basic Attention Token (BAT)
April 5 Community Weekly Update

◆Verge (XVG)
Burge (XVG), 25% collapse in hacking attack ... emergency hard fork plan

◆v4.0.2 Release

◆Indorse (IND)
Business Update Q1 2018

◆Fidelium (FID)
Listed on Coinrail of domestic exchange

◆Block Mason Credit Protocol (BCPT)
April 10 Development Update

◆Poet (POE)

◆Achain (ACT)
April 8 Weekly Report

v2.0.4 Release

◆April 9th ​​Weekly Report

◆Komodo (KMD)
[KMD] Weekly Commodore - 2nd week of April 2018: @goldenman

◆PascalCoin (PASC)
v2.1.7 Release

◆Monoeci (XMCC)
Core v0.12.2.3 Release

◆Ontology (ONT)
Announce Partnership

◆Golem (GNT)
Golem and Etherium's most ambitious apps are released.

◆Rookiecoin (RKC)
Listed on Coinrail of domestic exchange

◆Augur (REP)
April 11 Development Update


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I will be grateful if you subscribe to my blog @bitcoindollar
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