Expanding Our Advisory Board: Desmond Marshall joins the EXMO Coin project!

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We are excited to announce that Desmond Marshall, a founder and MD of Rouge Ventures, joins our team as an advisor of EXMO Coin crowdsale, bringing more than 20 years of strategic experience and business success to our project.

Rouge Ventures is famous for being an investment and strategic preeminent company in Asia collaborating with numerous Fortune 500 companies, various governments and several global fintech enterprises such as Rolls Royce, JP Morgan, Bank of East Asia, L'Oreal group, etc. Desmond’s company conducts capital raising and advisory on IPO and ICO processes and other multi-industry businesses, for strategic repackaging and operational enhancements.

Desmond started to be involved with blockchain related projects since 2012, long before it became popular and thus he is rightly considered a pioneer in the field. He has gained an outstanding experience in reviewing and vetting blockchain projects, defining new development roadmaps for the blockchain technology and its applications in the real world.

Desmond was one of the first individuals in Asia to become a member of the global Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, joining fellow ranks like Accenture, BP British Petroleum, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Microsoft, UBS, and many other Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he is an accomplished public speaker on the latest business and investment trends, a celebrity TV spokesperson for various financial TV programs, a columnist, a government advisor, and often guest speaking/professional judging at numerous private and public seminars.

Desmond Marshall also serves on a number of ICO advisory boards and has provided a vast array of fintech companies with his strategic and business advisory talents. Now he has chosen to join EXMO Coin, and his support will be pivotal as we are launching our EXMO Crowdsale in order to provide an innovative business model with financial support.

As a global pioneer in the fintech sector, Desmond has in-depth understanding of how both investors and companies should operate in the new technological era if they wish to establish a mutual trust.

Since there are dozens of ICOs showing up every day, investors should always consider all the risks related to the development of the projects that they are investing in.

But one of the key features of EXO (EXMO Coin) token is its correlation to the EXMO exchange performance — already a profitable and thriving business. Thereby, there are much fewer risks associated with investing in EXMO project, and we hope that Desmond Marshall helps us fully showcase the advantages of our crowdsale to the crypto community.

"Financial projects, especially those based on already profitable business, gets a much better attention from the investors and audience. It’s also very relevant in crypto-trading and that is a very strong necessity on market today." — Desmond Marshall of EXMO Coin

For more information on EXMO Coin please visit the official site of the EXMO crowdsale.