CROWDSOURCED MARKETING: I would like to introduce you to Steve Ellis who will soon be joining us under the name of TECAV..!!


I would like to introduce you to Steve Ellis who will soon be joining us on STEEMIT.

Steve owns his own Audio Visual Production Company called TECAV and some of you may have recognised his face at the @dollarvigilante Anarchapulco, Acapulco, Mexico.

Steve supplies, installs and manages the Audio Visual Production Equipment for Jeff Berwick at the Anarchapulco Annual Conference.


Steve flew out to Acapulco in 2016 to meet Jeff Berwick and returned in 2017 with the order to supply, install and manage the Audio Visual Equipment for Jeff.

Steve's company TECAV, (Theatre Event & Conference Audio Visual), is looking to expand further in the Promotion and Marketing Production of Cryptocurrencies and contacted me last week to talk about STEEMIT.

Here is a snapshot of some of Steve's work and the details of his company.

I met up with Steve today and spent over 3 hours talking about future pilot Marketing Projects that I am working on to market STEEMIT in the UK and Steve is very excited to join in.

I explained to Steve that I am putting together a Promotional and Production Team to promote STEEMIT and that all parties involved would be reimbursed in STEEM through the established Blogging/Voting Reward Structure and this was an innovative and exciting way that Steve was on board with.

Over the next few days Steve will introduce himself under the name of TECAV and I hope you will join me in welcoming Steve when he introduces himself.

Once he has joined, Steve and I will then begin to share ideas for the pilot projects we discussed and look forward to rolling out a model for our first UK Promotional Event.

A great guy and one that I know will be a huge asset to the Community.

Over the next few days I will make contact with Jeff Berwick and ask Jeff for his endorsement of Steve's work.

I am excited and looking forward to rolling out the Promotion of STEEMIT in the UK.

Thanks again for reading.


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Shared on twitter. Stephen

Appreciate all you are doing for the platform Stephen. That Jaguar will be here before you know it!

Looking forward to welcoming Steve to the Steemit community.


"That Jaguar will be here before you know it..!!" haha Absolutely.. ;) ;). Thanks for the continued support. I really appreciate it. Stephen

Looks like "DJ" SK is on the scene!

Do us ALL proud @stephenkendal


"DJ"SK will be on that stage banging out a few tunes after he has done his presentation..!! Once I have a mike in my hand there is no stopping..!! I'll sing any old shit for a few STEEM..!! ha haha. Stephen


If we don't sign up any new users we'll just get pissed... hahaha. Stephen



Am sure you guys will do GREAT!!!

Have FUN!


rEsteemed good Stephen!

I love getting involved in the network effect!
Great marketing my friend.