Steem crowdfunding experiment #1 - Part 7 [230/240$ remaining]

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As most of you know I am an electronic music producer.
I have been performing my music around for years. In general, I have most of the gear I need, but I always have to borrow someone's soundcard before gigs, and with more and more gigs its starting to become a hassle...

I have for some time now wanted my own soundcard, but I never seem to have money left over for it. That's where Steem and this crowdfunding experiment is coming from. I have seen fellow Steemians get support from the Steem community for similar things, so I thought I would give it a go as well!

I have picked out a decent but cheap soundcard I would like to get. It is made by Zoom, and its called uac-2. It has great reviews, and its a brand I personally trust and know from before. It will cost me a total of 240 $ to buy it here in Norway.

I already posted six times about this crowdfunding here on Steem.
All of these posts are paid out and the rewards were resting in my Steem savings account. From 2 editions ago of the experiment, I start using the funds gained so far to promote the newest edition of my crowdfunding experiment posts. Because of the downward trend of the Steem market. my total USD holdings for the soundcard has fell with around 1$ even with added votes from being more visible and the 15% ROI from the upvote bot. What has been increasing though is the amount of Steem I hold in the name of this soundcard. Its around 12.5-13 Steem in total collected at the moment. As I believe Steem will be a lot higher in value soon, this might be a good thing in the end!

Current savings:

Just 230 $ remaining now!

If you wanna help support me and my music hit the upvote button <3

... And don't forget to check out and follow my Soundcloud page:

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Maybe a tag on "Norway" would help?


Just switched one of them to norway, so lets see @idigit :)