Crowdfunding Experiment for Artist’s Materials(@jameszenartist)~ Day #25

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Crowdfunding Experiment for Artist’s Materials (@jameszenartist)~ Day #25

(This painting of yours truly was done by my teacher, Juliette Aristides)

Greetings fellow Steemians!,

Welcome to my first crowdfunding project on Steemit!

The aims of this crowdfunding experiment are to obtain the much needed artist’s materials to continue my work as a classically trained Fine Art painter, and to continue to progress within the Steemit platform so that I may teach to those who desire to learn these skills.

The funding GOAL for this ongoing project is: $1000 USD

..AND as an added bonus to facilitate its momentum, I have decided to add the rewards from these ongoing posts towards the projects budget!

Rewards already earned:

STEEM: 7.477

SBD: 0

To give you a clear idea as to specifically what kinds of artist’s materials this crowdfunding experiment will be investing in are as follows:

Yarka French Easel

POST: I’ve seriously been needing a new easel!

Various types and sizes of oil painting brushes.

A multitude of different colors/brands of oil paints.

Claessens Roll of Linen

Oil Painting Ground/Primer/Gesso

Everyday, I can assure you that I will continue to create content that revolves around this endeavor.

In addition to all of those who are interested in simply donating directly, I also accept BTC:




...And always of course STEEM/SBD!!

In conclusion, just so you know any upvotes and/or resteems are always greatly appreciated :)

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading Everyone!

-James Hansen




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