The Campaign Guidelines

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Welcome to HyperFundIt! We are a community dedicated to breaking down barriers and collectively bringing creative and innovative visions to life.

We hype and support a variety of campaigns, including: 

Creatives: Art & Comics, Dance, Events, Film & Video, Games, Music, Photography, Theater, Writing & Publishing 

Innovatives: Apps, Environment, Fashion & Wearable, Food & Beverages, Health & Fitness, Home, Technologies, Transportation, Travel & Outdoors 

Here is a checklist of rules your campaign project must follow:

  • Your campaign’s goal must be to create something you can share with others.
    • Whether it be a film, physical product, or online app your campaign’s project must have an end goal. You must end with a finished product that you can share with your Supporters.
  • Your campaign cannot be fundraising for a charity.
    • As much as HyperFundIt believes in supporting charities and humanitarian causes, HyperFundIt does not allow you to host a campaign to fundraise for charities or humanitarian causes. We focus on raising funds for creative and innovative projects with end goals.
  • Your campaign descriptions must be honest and clear about what you’re doing.
    • Your campaign may not have vague or misleading information. Everything written on your campaign must dictate a clear goal and plan for reaching your goal. HyperFundIt takes the integrity of campaigns very seriously and will not approve of any dishonest campaigns.
  • Your campaign cannot offer equity to donors.
    • You may not offer any equity, investment opportunities or revenue to your donors. HyperFundIt is not an equity crowdfunding platform.
  • Your campaign cannot offer illegal or implicit rewards.
    • HyperFundIt prohibits the following as rewards for donations:
      • Alcohol
      • Drugs/Drug related products like vapes, bongs, etc.
      • Weapons
      • Live animals
      • Food/Drinks
      • Raffles or anything that can be considered gambling
      • Pornographic or sexually explicit materials

If your campaign follows all of these rules you’re ready to go! Check out our Crowdfunding Basics Guide to learn more or Sign Up.


After pivoting our platform to focus on supporting the Steem community by accepting Steem blockchain related projects and integrating Steem donations, we have updated this guide. Please refer to

  • The HyperFundIt Team