steemit crowd fund to try a free energy experiment

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Well steem i have been an electronic nerd most of my adolescent life even went to school to be an electrician , engineer & psychology  but instead i became a Electrical technician working on diagnosing electrical problems on kia's   (and if you ever owned an older kia you know how much of an electrical nightmare that is)

I was recently watching a free your mind conference about free energy and was wondering why Ken Rohla & Keshe Foundation didn't combine there ideas into one to see the Scalar generator would amplify the effects of the plasma generator.

I would need an Scalar Energy Rest Shield $399.97 and an DVOM $599 and the material to build a plasma generator myself $150 to see if this experiment will work 

Theoretically both of these should complement each other but as far as know have not crossed paths, so since i don't have the money for all the item's required i'm asking for funding to at least try and progress the free energy movement . 

Note there is a big chance that this will not work but at least we can say we tried it in real life. I will be posting hd pictures with steemit on in the picture to show that this is a new experiment not old.


If you have the money and know how you should try this

LOL loved this pic ...ohm...ohm