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The big Patreon blowup

I think what they offered was too little. The website did not make it easy for patrons to find the interesting projects and you had to bring the followers yourself and then pay 5% to them. If they had a site like Kickstarter or Bandcamp I think it might be worth it, but as it is now I think I will be pulling from Patreon.

The thing you want to make could be done with a simple Paypal widget couldn't it?

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Kickstarter is working on a new system, Drip, that would be the Patreon Rival. They say it will be available in 2018


Yes, I saw that - my original plan was to have a payment-system for each way of payment. If they offer a better public interface like the one on Kickstarter they might be interesting.

Ah, I didn't realize all that. Just knew that all the pros were using it, so I figured it should have good tools. It's really bizzare that it doesn't :I

I'm not sure? Maybe I could do it with a widget, but I'm not sure how that would synch to Discord, and that'd really only be useful with PayPal - it wouldn't let people use Crypto.