Cronos Refutes The Shorts With A Focus On Science

in cronos •  2 months ago

Cronos CEO took to CNBC to respond to those criticisms of his company and did so very effectively.

Really good in depth article on Cronos Group and the cannabis stocks as a whole. I've invested in this space, so I enjoy reading these type articles. A future huge story is if Mexico moves forward and follows Canada's lead to legalize cannabis, there's talk of including it in NAFTA. The industry would boom even more if that happens, and it would be great for Mexico, take the drugs and money out of the gangs hands and regulate it. We'll see, as for Cronos, I'm still holding....

Read the full story here...

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Cronos a little above C$15, still trading heavier then normal volume

Legalizing cannabis in Mexico will cause a boom in the industry but it will also lead to the making of more junkies and unrest in the society.


I'm not so sure about that, the people that want to smoke it to get high are already getting it whenever they want, it would just be available to the people that need it for chronic pain and other medical uses instead of the much more harmful pharmaceuticals like opioids.