Geting Ready for the World Cup - Gadgets for supporting our National Team

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Football world cup is starting soon and on every place now in Croatia you can find gadgets for supporting our national team. Fortunately, our red and white squares are recognizable and attractive, so everything looks good :)

You can find everything;

glasses with squares

even Wristband :) lol, who use that any more :)

more eyeglasses

Scented pendants for car
Of course jerseys, shirts, dresses and even baby and pet clothing, socks....



when I saw it all, it crossed my mind maybe some of my fellow Steamians would like to have some of these gadgets from Croatia while is cheap and on sale. I can send it or we can exchange for some gadgets from your country, I am sure that is a similar situation in all countries who qualified for the world championship.
If you are interested let me know ;)
I'm definitely equipped!


Srcem do vrha! 💪

Tako je :)

Did you buy anything in the end?

Yes I did :) just don't tell @rita0404 about it :)

If she's anything like @alktoni she won't read it 😆

A smile would not kill you, you know? You do not look very excited lol But I am sure you will have your smile on when our team will be winning, right? :)

Hahaaha , I have troubles making a selfie, was to concentrated on that :)

Good luck with Croatia at the world cup. Also here in Belgium lots of gadgets are coming out.
We even rebranded our most famous beer from Jupiler into Belgium!
Feel free to join my World Cup Contest. You can find more info about it on my blog.

Thank you for good wishes, comment and invitation :)

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