Calling ALL Anarchists!!

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This is a call for assistance in the struggle to be free from rule by force.
If you don't like being bullied into wearing your seatbelt, or being a 'good' person, here is your chance to contribute to the cause.
You don't have to get up off your couch to charge the police lines.
You don't have to break up the sidewalk for projectiles.
You could make some memz.
Or maybe a video.
Or, just remind your friends that ruling by force will not be tolerated, anymore.


What we need from you.

How you can help with Crimethinc projects.

A year into the latest incarnation of this project, we’ve accomplished a lot—but we could be doing a lot more with a little assistance.
We’re hoping trustworthy comrades will step up and help us to continue expanding our efforts, freeing up time and resources with which we can produce more books, articles, posters, speaking tours, and the like.
Here is a list of roles and tasks that you could fulfill.
Needless to say, all this is volunteer work: we do these things out of love and desire for social change, and for the pleasure of working on creative projects with other brilliant and virtuous opponents of the existing order.

Help Us with Printing, Art, Design, and Video

Do you have free printing at your school or workplace?
Print copies of our zines and posters to distribute in your community!
Better yet, if you can, make copies in bulk and ship some to us so we can pass them on to folks who lack the means to produce zines themselves.
If you have access to fancier printing options such as letterpress or silkscreen, we’d love your help making lovely covers for our zines, as well.
And we especially need help printing stickers! If you can help with any of this, or if you just want to receive an alert when new designs are available for printing, send an email here.
We would love to work with more artists and videographers to illustrate our literature.
We also need more designers to produce zines and posters.
If you are an artist, videographer, or designer, contact us and send us examples of your work.

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Muchas gracias por su información.

A lot of people's mentality is getting changed. More and more people are seeing that we truly have the ability to make life how we want it though we are not there yet. So, i am hopeful for better times to come.


Yes, we have a window of opportunity to change from rule by force to freedom, if we don't miss it, but we have to convince people that that is what we are after, and won't settle for less.

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Great Information.

Just wait cordially. Better time will come very soon. Wish you all the best.

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Excelente información amigo, un saludo desde la pequeña Venezuela