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RE: The RICO case against the Democratic Party

in #crime5 years ago

If they used RICO against the Democratic Party; we would have to buy an island just to hold them all as prisoners after conviction. And these are just for the serious crimes! Lol. We could Call it Prisonland. And the slogan on the entry banner could be "Democracy Starts Here!" Haha. We could set it up like a zoo for people to take their kids! "Ok son, now this is what a bad person looks like!" Lol



maybe we could put them one of those that tip over, like some of their dumber ones believe

It's the perfect plan! We need an architect! Stat!

I'd volunteer, but

  • a- I'd make the alligator pits too big
  • b- I'm not an architect LOL

In a place like that the alligator pits can never be too big. Lol. And it's gonna take all the help it can get. The only thing we'll need an architect for is the wall around it. Other than that the place could be filled with stick houses for all I care. Haha.

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