Opinion Piece: The use of religion to divide Pedogate researchers and Pedogate Satanism tied to MK Ultra

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First off, this is an opinion piece (with citations) ... but I've been thinking a lot about the 'Satanism' aspect of Pedogate, and here's my two cents.

I think it's a bad idea to fixate on the religion aspect. Without bringing the whole "Satanism by elites is helping the secret Jew cabal" line of thinking to the party, we already have enough to rain a shitstorm of misery upon those who actively traffick people and those who enable it; the religion aspect is just sprinkles on the cake. When people fixate on blaming those of Jewish heritage, or run full tilt at the Satanism aspect, it does a huge disservice to the Pedogate investigation. It makes us look a bit unhinged. And I have no doubt that there's cointel going on, shilling for shit just to discredit the investigation.

[ ETA: Those who instantly respond with the Evil Jew Cabal(tm) make me wonder if they are programmed, and got triggered to draw attention away from the CIA's involvement. Because a lot of the shit going on in America, the stuff enabled by the White House and conducted by the CIA to fuck over its countrymen. Not cool. So anytime the Evil Jew Cabal(tm) gets thrown out as an autonomic response, I wonder. Oh, how I wonder.... Not saying that's what's happening, but also not saying the CIA isn't capable of such things. ]


So, uh, I served as a high priestess in a coven; not a Satanist coven, but Celtic-centric paganism with a squeeze of Wicca. I considered it a part of my education to understand other pathways to the divine. Plus, since Paganism ain't Christianity, we got accused of devil worship, a lot, by ignorant folk. Funny thing, there's no devil in our brand of paganism, as the devil is a Christian concept. Suffice it to say, theology was a topic of study, as is anthropology. I'm stating this because I feel it's relevent to understand the perspective I'm looking at the issue with; less bias than someone with a devout background.


It's been my observation that many devout Christians (and people of other faiths) assume that decent folk are like them, and those who don't follow the same general pathway to the divine are heathens, in the Devil's grip, or worst: atheist. That's not how the world at large works, and to assume so is ignorant, imho. Especially for Christianity.

The Christian faith found it's roots in Judaism. Jesus (or Yeshua, if we're going old school) was a Jewish man who was essentially a table-flipping socialist, fighting for equality. He and his followers were Judeo-Christians. They existed in a tiny area, in the scope of things. The entirety of the Bible takes place in an area smaller than Texas. It's like letting California decide the fate of the rest of the world. Let that sink in: imagine if some rich douchebag from Silicon Valley was put in charge of your life. Or worse: LA.

As a native Californian, let me assure you, that is something you do not want. Liberal Californians will talk down to conservatives, as if the liberal mindset is the only valid mindset. It is not; to disregard that notion is to disregard a person. How can one help one population while disregarding another? Consistency is important.

To push one faith over countless others, is a huge folly, imho. It's alienating anyone else who was born into a different culture, in a different place in the world, with an eons-long history one is ignorant of, unless they've studied. It's ignoring their contributions to humanity in favor for what one is comfortable with; humanity isn't homogenous. Not by a long shot.

If one has an issue with a religion or culture, trash the issue, not the culture. For example, I think circumcising infants to be a practice of barbarism; a) how is having an open wound in a shit-collecting diaper hygienic? b) if it's not broke, don't fix it. c) cosmetic genital mutilation is wrong if the person undergoing it didn't consent (babies can't consent) d) it sometimes leads to life-threatening complications and problems down the line. I understand people having their kids circumcised because it happened to them and it's a cultural thing... but aside from that, is there any real benefit of getting the tip of one's dick chopped off? It's a rhetorical question, but the validity is true; culture has a huge influence on how we perceive things. The more one is exposed to other cultures, the more their view point will shift from a biased perspective to something more neutral. And at the end of it all, we all represent humanity. No matter the culture, no matter it's placement on earth, it will have both triumph and tragedy, profane and peace, a lot of good people tinged with a few sharts that stain the culture. Every. Single. One. Has. This.

Guess that's a long-winded way of saying, "before you label something as evil, make sure it really is evil (because it violates others) and not just different."

We need as many dedicated researchers as possible. Alienating those of different faiths is detrimental to the cause. Seriously, imagine if people of countless backgrounds united against the issue of human trafficking? No partisan bullshit (because both sides are complicit), no religious hang-ups... just unity against the exploitation of our most vulnerable population. That is something any decent person can agree to defend; that is something any decent person would march for (especially if they knew how common it is); it is something worth unifying together in order to defeat it.


I have no doubt it exists, but from the perspective I'm viewing it, I see it inline with CIA MK Ultra training: the use of religion and fear to force a child to instantly comply with the most heinous of tasks assigned. How do you convince a kid that God doesn't care? Torture the kid. How do you compel a child to follow Satan? By having Satan save the child from the torture. it's an elaborate Good Cop/Bad Cop routine, performed by those enabled by the CIA to do so.

Brice Taylor, Thanks For the Memories, MK Ultra Overview


We know from John DeCamp's The Franklin Cover Up, that Satanism played a heavy part in the traumatizing of those poor Nebraskan kids. From Cathy O'Brien's Trance Formation of America, we know that the CIA prefers the use of Satanism for MK Ultra programming because it resonates more loudly with those of a Christian background. Fracture the psyche, install a program and trigger, repeat as needed. Brice Taylor's Thanks For The Memories covers similar territory, with a focus on some historical context.

From Brice Taylor's Thanks For the Memories, Historical Overview

They use well-known personages to carry out the abuse because it helps to keep them in line. "Oh no, not only did they abuse/torture/kill kids, but they are Satanist, too!" = career killer if proven in court. Photo documentation would count for a lot of evidence to nail someone in a court of law and public opinion. I mean, Trauma Based Mind Control says it all, doesn't it? But I have no doubts there are enclaves of people who believe in Satan, and worship him, even including sacrifice. I don't give so much of a shit about the Satanism aspect, but the sacrifice aspect-- especially when the sacrifice involves the harm of children, is another matter all together. The main tenant of Wicca is "And if it harm none, do as thou will." Not harming anyone is a good thing. So when people use pagan beliefs to harm others, I get super pissed and in a meme-making mood.

Brice Taylor, Thanks For the Memories, MK Ultra Overview

Brice Taylor, Thanks For the Memories, MK Ultra Overview

I grew up in the 80's and remember the Satanism hype; it was a true, wide-spread fear which was later spun as something worthy of being dismissed for being something conspiracy theorists believed.


I'm not saying it doesn't exist; I'm saying that by throwing that out right at the start when red pilling normies, is going to isolate them from your side real fast. It'll cause them to dismiss one's point of view and any valid information you already shared which may have piqued their interest. Example:

Every single word could be true, but unless one has already reached that enlightened frame of mind will they be able to comprehend the depth of depravity; break free from the hold corporate media has on them; and accept the reality that the American government hasn't always acted in the best interest of the country at large, and has found is own citizens expendable.

I have no doubt that the CIA plays a huge part in keeping the human trafficking flowing. Unfortunately for them, their system isn't sustainable without people noticing. And noticed, we have. Tolerate it, we can't.

I define a patriotic person as one who wants to preserve their country and do what's best for it's people.

Pedogate is older than most realize and spread further than we can conceive. The least any of us can do is share what we know and talk about it when we can. Education is the answer. The more we educate others, the more woke they will be and the influence we can garner to behead the beast befouling the world. We cannot afford to alienate what allies we can get. The only way I see for Pedogate to come to a sastisfactory end is to unite in numbers and keep pushing for honesty, integrity, and ethics.

Divided we fall.

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Interesting to find a fellow Pagan w/ similar background who ALSO completely believes mind control is not just possible, but prevalent everywhere.

All it takes is some healthy skepticism about how the universe, intent and the subconscious works and suddenly a lot of pieces start coming into place.


I've had an interest in psychology for years. Abnormal psychology, especially. This ties into it, but on a larger scale.

Unfortunately America has invested heavily in ditching critical thinking and most people don't realize how they've been manipulated from day one into thinking a certain way, until they've been red pilled.

Education. It's our last hope, imho.

Thought provoking indeed


Thank you :)