Man Spared Jail Time For Raping 13-Year-Old Girl Because He Is Blind

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A 36-year-old man has been spared from jail time after being convicted on rape charges.

Benjamin Lawrence Petty, a 36 year-old man from Oklahoma was sentenced to 15 years probation for raping a 13 year-old girl while he was a cook at a summer camp, according to local media reports.

It shocks me still, but he was spared jail time after being convicted on rape charges, because he is legally blind.

Petty's crime took place in 2016 when he was a cook for a camp for children. According to reports he invited the 13 year-old to watch him perform magic tricks.

David Pyle, District Attorney for Murray County said that Petty's blindness, along with the fact that the family lives in Texas and didn't want to travel back and forth for a trial, played a huge role in the decision not to send Petty to jail. Eventually, the family gave permission to Mr. Pyle's office to pursue a plea deal.

When Benjamin Lawrence Petty invited the 13 year-old to watch him perform magic tricks, he pulled the young girl into a cabin, tied her hands behind her back, and then raped her.

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Wtf...they should just castrate rapist and be done with it.

'Legally blind', but he could still perform magic tricks, tie a gal, and then rape her? lolz....

The world is more than corrupt

It's a crazy world out there

Blind or no blind, this man is guilty and should be treated as such, this is injustice of the highest order, is high time the judiciary system begins to judge case as is it

Gov. system is so fuked up... he is blind but knew what he was doing. His dick should be cut off...

Shit happens all over the world...
Still unbelievable.

Greetings from Venezuela!

a legally blind man

I wonder how blind he really is. I have a buddy who is "legally blind"... he wears thick glasses, and despite the fact that he can't drive, most people would have no indication that he's blind. Obviously it's not the greatest situation... but he gets along just fine.
I'm assuming because this guy worked there as a cook... he was probably in a similar boat. Which is also why I have no idea why this would be a factor in not sending him to prison. @joseph

Sickening. Never an excuse for this!

He's guilty.... Nd knows it is rape and not a love affair.