Manhish pandey and Shivam dubey had snatched victory

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Among the five matches , Indian cricket team has won three matches step by step. Really it is great achievement for indian team. I exclaimed with joy that Shivam dubey and Manish pandey snatched victory for india team of third matches . India defeated South Africa .India team started to play of thiry overs . So they were target of 208 runs. India team won against south africa when 13 balls were due . They left 13 balls. Actually like before matches, this third matches started rain . Because of rainy, cricket board fixed 30 overs . Among the particular 30 overs , south africa scored 207 runs . Janemon malan scored thirty seven runs . Brijke scored thirty six runs . Clasen scored fourty four runs .

As a Indian player , Riki vui, Krunal pandey , Rutiraj had become out . After that Ishant scored seventy runs . He scored this runs with Manish padey as a good understanding partnership . When ishant had become out , after sometimes Nitish Rana had become out . But Shivam picked great hazard last moment . Manish pandey scored eighty one runs in fifty nine balls. . After that Shivam had set partnership with Akshar patel . They snatched victory perfectly . Shivam scored fourty five runs in twenty eight balls. He was unbeaten on the field. At least India had achieved victory sun. Really India and south africa match was very exciting .

Regards @simaroy

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