The country's cricket is going to be lost! 😟

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Bangladesh's first Test Century and former captain Aminul Islam has cut short the failure against Afghanistan.

Bangladesh has been defeated against Afghanistan Why this failure, it has been analyzed by former Bangladesh captain Aminul Islam. The country's cricket is going to be lost.

Bangladesh could comfortably get a little comfort in winning the last match. Dehradun, who lost a run in the breathing match by 1 runs. Bangladesh is returning with the shame of Dhobaldhoyai against Afghanistan Although the standard version of a country's cricket trial is not T-20, it must be a big message for country's cricket. Today Bangladesh has played against the Afghans. It is not possible to confirm that the greater failure in the future is not a companion.

But why is this failure against Afghanistan, why this failure? Aminul Islam, the first Test centurion and former captain in the ICC, has analyzed it. His vision was not limited only to the series of Afghanistan, it has been worn more deep. Causes of Fear Against Afghans Capture the leadership of Bangladesh team in the 1999 World Cup ...

  1. Hate domestic cricket
    Sometimes the player is selected by the player in the Dhaka Premier League, and it is sometimes open. Sometimes the venues are changed. There are allegations that these are done to give benefit to certain clubs. By doing this, domestic cricket is being ruined! From the Premier League to the second division cricket - is there any transparency? Some of those who are losing transparency are heard being involved with the national team. This flirtation is coming everywhere. Match with practice certainly has a lot of difference. Practice in the cage. To play is open in the field. The practice should be so difficult, it is easy to make the match easier. Our practice is so easy, the match is very difficult. Players lost the game after the match. There is no T20 league in the country except the BPL. It is not uncommon for local people to participate in the BPL. XI has 4-5 foreign players. Before preparing for the international Twenty20, there is no need to prepare for domestic cricket. Bangladesh goes on to play international T20 without preparation. As a result, there is no continuity here. After good play in the Nidhaus Trophy, the team lost to three teams like Afghanistan, losing the three matches.

  2. There is a lot of difference between senior-junior
    There are four or five senior players in the team, these are three regular editions of cricket. They played 90 percent of the match. Different players were created in different styles. To be consistent with this style, he has to be prepared. By adjusting, four or five senior players are now complete. In the absence of a good player like them, we can not do well in the three versions consistently. We are using the senior players in such a way that we have no choice but to do so. There is no new player to say. Four or five senior players have been here for 12-13 years. The next generation who are, like Soumya-Sabbir-Miraz, they are not able to match the way themselves. It is also uncertain whether or not to be able to serve like Shakib after 12-13 years. There has been a lot of difference between the two generations. It's a big signal for us.

  3. Was the version correct?
    We had the opportunity to pick the series that will be played in the one-day or Twenty20 format. We chose T-Twenty version. After knowing all about the opponent why choose this edition? The lack of planning of the board is reflected here. Who do not understand what they will be able to play in a version with whom? The BCB's cricket management department will have to blame, because they have done the task of preparing the index. We have talked a lot about the coach. Coaching in the national team does not have much to do. There are some puzzles, they are being matched nicely with the main coaches. Courtney Walsh is working in this team only to understand bowling better. We never saw him batting like Viv Richards or Richie Richardson. He is not expected to give good advice on batting. We did not even get bowling tips to Gordon Greenidge. The Manager in our team is the selector. Sure, sometimes he plays the role of coaching in the team. You can not say anything to Walsh, you're working on him. Team management, coaching staff or players can not say anything to anyone. There is no balance and accountability in the team.

  4. What was 'homework' right?
    Rashid-Nabi-Mujib-this version is a world-class player. But no player is superhuman. It seemed like three matches were not good batting against them. Asked to know about me, Rashid should have thought of playing off-spinner. At least they would not have to give wickets. In the 4 overs, 25-30 runs could have been done effortlessly. The big fast bowlers saw them reverse swing after 20-25 overs. If you play against reverse swing, then there is a mousetle that you think it's an in-swing game. You can leave the swing out. But can not leave the swing in. If you leave it will be LBW or bold. We have done this mistake against Rashid Khan. While working at the AC, I saw him grow from the nearest. Then he was 50 percent bowlers. Now it's 100 percent. The Prophet's force does not move very fast, but bowling in a good place. Mujib is as tall as he can see his hand. Before starting this home work or mental preparation, there are questions about that. During the series, I saw the team manager, the head of the BCB media committee, and the BCB president also commented.


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