Delhi is in danger for calling cheers at night party! 😂

in #cricket3 years ago

Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) Anti Corruption Branch After the 'IPL campaign', the cheerleaders have also been invited with players at the Delhi franchisee night party, and the BCCI has fired on the team. Delhi is in danger for calling cheers at night party

From the very first day of the IPL, cheerleaders were the essential part of cricket-recreation. But in the most popular cricket leagues in the country, the match ink to match the cheerleaders 'free movement' the board to pull the money.

However, the Delhi franchisee has said, "The cricketers did not party with cheerleaders. They came, the dinner just went back. However, since the Anti-Corruption Branch warns, we will keep an eye out for this. Such incidents will not be repeated in the future.


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