Satoshi Nakamoto, The Mystery of a Super Genius

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Bitcoin was first described in October 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto issued a paper to's cryptography email list. 3 months later, following the first software release of Nakamoto's digital coin, the first tokens were mined and the blockchain began. Satoshi called the tokens "bitcoins" and he claimed that work on the code began in 2007. Nakamoto Satoshi is the alias identity thought to have been a programmer who solved the "double spending" problem that no other cryptocurrency at the time had been able to. But to some people, Nakamoto is believed to be an extraordinary super genius who predicted the development of ASIC's, Slush's pool, server farms, and the grand magnitude of bitcoin eventual worldwide success.

It is clear that Satoshi Nakamoto knew that Bitcoin would need to support a wide variety of transaction types. He developed a solution which enabled specialized data fields from the very beginning, by using what is known as a predicative script, one which the value is not determined until after a solution is declared. As the only predominant miner at the time, Satoshi was awarded the genesis block and mined for 10 days aftward. Blockchain studies state that over 1 million bitcoins were mined by the inventor before his record suddenly ends on the public ledger. Out of the first million or so bitcoins, only a few test transactions transpired, this means today Nakamoto is still sitting on over $13 Billion of Bitcoin.

On his P2P Foundation profile, Nakamoto was known as a 37-year-old man who resided in Japan, though many are skeptical of this due to his perfect English writing skills and because no known Japanese version of the bitcoin software was documented. Many researchers have thought that they uncovered the identity of the mysterious inventor. One such claim was made in December 2013 when Nick Szabo was linked to the bitcoin whitepaper by a stylometric analysis done by a blogger by the name of Skye Grey. Nick Szabo promptly denied the accusation claiming that he had only published a paper on "bit gold" a precursor to bitcoin., The question was dropped finally when Szabo submitted evidence of his defense, debunking the analysis performed by Grey.

Another claim raised the public eye in March 2014, when Newsweek journalist Leah McGrath Goodman published evidence stating the father of Bitcoin was actually the Japanese American, Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto. The evidence clearly showed Dorian Nakamoto being given the name Satoshi Nakamoto at birth and was living in California. Goodman also claimed that during a private interview Dorian admitted to creating Bitcoin by responding to the question with "I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it" In a later interview Dorian denied any relation to bitcoin by claiming he had not heard of such a thing, and that he misunderstood the question Goodman had asked. Dorian stated that he thought the journalist was asking about a classified military contract which Dorian had previously been involved in. That same day, Satoshi Nakamoto updated his P2P Foundation profile for the first time in 5 years when he posted "I am not Dorian Nakamoto"

The Bitcoin Core project released a statement on May 2, 2016, saying "There is currently no publicly available cryptographic proof that anyone, in particular, is bitcoin's creator."

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