Israeli Singer Turned a Poem of Mine into a Song for her New Album :) Please, support crowdfunding campaign, 75% of goal already reached, & ending in 1 week!

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Two years ago, this month, I received this thrilling note from Israel singer-songwriter, Shira Z Carmel, of The Hazlenuts:

Ahalan Yahia, I came across your poetry today - wow! wonderful! I actually liked it so much I started composing music to it right away! I hope you'll like what came out, I'll send it to you asap (it's for the poem "you again")

Shira suggested that she would be contacting me, shortly, once she finished our song and shared with me music she composed to two poems (one in Hebrew) from her new album:

Then, life happened. My new singer friend went on tour, had other pressing projects to attend to and, only moments ago, shared with me a rough cut of my poem that she sang & set to music.

Shira also let me know that she mentioned our song in a Jerusalem Post interview which I scanned, quickly, in my excitement.


The Hazlenut singer also, repeatedly, asked me to promise not to share the rough cut, as her team only want the final version of song out there. Once I have that — very soon, I hope — I promise to share it on Steemit before anywhere else.

For now, below, is my lucky poem that gets to be on Shira’s album & join her on tour. I’m triply pleased: *to have a poem turned into sing, to collaborate with a fellow artist as well as reaching a new audience, especially, in Israel as a kind of creative, peace-offering from an Arab with Palestinian background.

Here’s a picture of me listening to the secret song and beaming with joy! Strong vocals, atmospheric music and, as you might imagine, I’m quite partial to the lyrics ;)

You, Again?

You again, of the singing wound
here again, lost and found and lost
trafficking in metaphysics and eternity
as your nearest hopes

where to, pilgrim
outdistancing chasms
rationing emotions
seeking sustenance

for the self too subtle and proud
for words
nocturnal flower, nurtured solitude
watered night

there you go, restraining the impulse
to say it all at once
even surrounded by silence
still filled with noise

now, having stirred some thrumming
hour when the moon throws
her full-bodied light
over all, like a silver screen night
of silent films, the whirring
of the reel...

© Yahia Lababidi



Hope to finish the album version ASAP and post it everywhere :) <3

As listeners you can help by supporting this crowdfunding project, which ends in just one week!

You can purchase a copy of the album in advance right here. Thanks, in advance :)


Congratulations on your success with "You, Again". You go from strength to strength. It seems to me about an inward spiritual journey, could you tell us more about its meaning?

Bless your heart 🙏🏼 I do believe that words have a life of their own, can reach out to strangers and make their own friends :)

Wary of saying what a poem means, but suffice to say that it’s a kind of self-dialogue or an inner spiritual progress report as you correctly intuit. 🙏🏼

That is awesome! Can't wait to hear it when you can share :) Your poetry has a very lyrical quality to it, perfectly suited for song. Much love - Carl

Cool, can’t wait to share it, on Steemit, first! 🤗

Thanks, Carl, for saying that about my poetry — just telling my wife, last night, I’d love to do more (conscious) songwriting & can mention that I have a creative collab-in-the-making with another Steemian, @caleblailmusik 😀

Much love back to you, Music Man ❤️🎶 🎼

That's so exciting! I can't wait to hear it when it comes out! Make sure to link it to me ;P

Oh, my goodness, just thinking of you in my head, moments ago! Looking forward to our musical collab! Was about to tag you on this :)

I've been working at it a good bit! There have to be at least three versions of it now :P

The suspense mounts... Take your time & I look forward to hearing what you’re willing to share :)

Very exciting, congratulations!!!

Bless yer big heart ✨🙏🏼💫

congratulations brother ,more success to you

congress you,,music owesome

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