Spoiling kids with LEGO to stimulate creativity and innovative thinking

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I like to spoil my two boys with LEGO because I think this is one of the best toys you can give them at a young age of 5 and 7 years old. LEGO is awesome in so many ways, it stimulates logical thinking, imagination, fine motorik and encourages to build new things.

I have bough this "Monster Truck" for my little one this weekend and help him build it. I find it fascinating how calm and concentrate both children are when playing and building with LEGO.



My oldest is at the next level and destroys all the original models shortly after he build them, than and he starts and creates new things out of his imagination. I find it awesome when he surprises me and proudly shows off his latest creation.

A killer Robot and a rocket car, obviously

A collection of things he build, proudly showcased on his desk


Since my wife and I have a passion for 3d design and building things, we very much encourage our children with playing LEGO rather than iPad or playstation. To us this is the perfect way to get the boys interested in engineering and innovating. Even though they can choose any profession they want once they are grown, we would be happy for them to do something in the engeneering field.

What do you think about LEGO, do you spoil your children with it as well. Lets me know in the comments below.

All the best!


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Wow thats amazing. Cute kids!
Lego was my favorite game when I was a child and I would even play it now. It is the best game ever !


I fully agree. I buy often the more complex models just to have an excuse to help building it :-)

I think way too many parents make the mistake of letting their kids play video games, use ipads and smartphones. When I was a kid, I really loved playing with LEGOS. I had to use my imagination and creativity every day. With all the technologies nowadays, kids don't need to use as much imagination as before. I think that is a big problem!


Thats it yes. After playing with the iPad they are fully charged and jump around like lunatics. When playing with Lego however they are calm and motivated to do more complex things. I also played a lot with Lego when is was that age, good memories!


Ahh, yes the memories are priceless! I've made so many scenarios in my mind when I was playing with LEGOS... Almost makes me wanna play them again, lol!

We have to change our treatment of children
We motivate them to innovate and to develop their ideas to understand the future of the world


yes give them support and encourage to think outside the box is the best you can do to prepare.

Legos are awesome. I think you are fotunate to have this relationship with your children. Relish these times. They grow up way too fast.


Oh yes you are right, they grow up really fast.

❤Yes this is very excellent creativity is the secret of children's development


Thank you.

o this is the best post i have seen today


Thats awesome! :-)

If I have kids, I plan on "spoiling" them with a lot of creative toys like LEGO, those magnetic ball thingies...

One Idea that just came to me is to also show them the possibilities of integrating different toys with others by creating bridge components (like a lego-connector that fits around one of those Magnetic bearings I often played with as a kid).

Have them create as soon as possible, so they are ready to be the creators of their own future, instead of passive consumers who don't think about what they're doing.


my own youth was a bit of a "mix" between creative activities, and an adolescence where I had access to a computer and became a lot less creative...

It's only been a few years that I've really started getting into creative activities like 3D printing, microelectronics...

It just feels awesome when something you've created is finished, and it gives something way better than a sugar rush if people compliment you on it too ;)

My son is 10 and I have been getting him goin with Lego Technic. Just got him the remote controlled 6x6 crane truck. It is a monster!!! Lego has got to be the greatest toy of all time. It has withstood the test of time I can tell you that much. lol

Wow, this is amaizing. I like


Thank you!

lego is quite brilliant to make and learn from those who are in that year zone : )

Legos are the best! We just bought our nephew some for Christmas, and should I mention how pleased his parents are with us lol.

Oh yeah))) Lego is a very cool designer)))) This is right, for children this is a good game))

I play allot with Lego when i was young but, i play more Outside in Nature/Life, or i work alot with wood. Like building things from the beginning littl ships for example. It starts with an idee in the head. I think this is better than lego :)
Greetings Montaquila

Great topic keep going bro <3

these are the games that meant to be played video games doomed the little kids

The laymen are an extraordinary tool to potentiate the cognitive abilities, this creativity, the resolution of problems, the imagination and much more

Amazing buddy ,you are realndeal guy. Cheers 🙂