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Have a nice day! Again today is Friday and we go to the fair. This time there were a lot of paintings: copies of works by famous artists, various reproductions and paintings by young artists of Kuban.


My attention was immediately drawn to this still life with watermelon.


Immediately wanted to try this sweet juicy and delicious berry.

There were many seascapes.


I like the marine art in the works of Aivazovsky, and you like seascapes?


Each picture or reproduction aroused interest among the guests of this fair. There were flowers and animals, portraits and landscapes...


It was interesting to look at all this, to understand the intricacies and secrets of the artist's profession. Trace the perspective line of the horizon, the play of light and shadow, volume and image rendering.


I have long wanted to learn how to draw, so I decided during the holidays to do this business closely. I will soon show you the fruits of my "labors" :-)

In the meantime, let's admire the works of these masters of painting.


The roses in this picture look real, don't they?

I saw some works of art school students. They made their paintings already on various objects or Souvenirs. It turned out in General not bad.


And even met and now this. However, this is not so much a picture as a good blanket or carpet on the wall, a kind of picture panel for the interior, for example, a children's room :-)



Every time I meet here a variety of things.

Do you like to attend such events in your city?

  • Have a wonderful Friday everyone and if you have some interesting market-related photos, go ahead and submit them in the #MarketFriday tag and link to your article in the Express post by @dswigle.

Everyone could pick up something on the taste and color. No one left without shopping.

But now, as always the flowers.



Thank you for Your attention and visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments. I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes,

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Great fair! So many interesting works of art. It's really hard to leave without a purchase. Thank you for showing :))
by the Way, Svetlana, I look forward to the results of Your artistic work. It's Your turn to share your talent. Summer Vacation is always a good opportunity to do something new and interesting.

Скоро, уже покажу.
Только чур не смеяться, я ведь никогда этому и нигде не училась, просто смотрю видео в интернете :-) А начинала с обычных детских рисунков :-)


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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Great art fair, it looks like one can do a lot of shopping there!!

...thanks )

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

How wonderful that you brought us to the fair! You know how I love going there and I am particularly interested in the different artists that they had today, especially the young artist off no name. I find so much promise in their work. I was very attracted to the pictures of the watermelon because it looks so real I could touch it.

One of my favorites was the black cat the white whiskers! It was stunning with his green eyes!

The Roses without a doubt where is stunning. And the art school students work was fresh and innovative. I really liked it a lot.

The quilts or wall hangings and so are called are beautiful and a lot of work as I make them so I now and I love the colors. They are fun to hang up on the walls and I have an element of Interest and otherwise plain room. I love going to go to these things in my city and I want to thank for taking the time and effort to post into the market Friday. As always a wonderful day to you!

#MarketFriday loves you

Upped and steemed


Thank you very much, dear Denise for your sweet and kind comments!

You a remarkable and very enlightened man, a pity that so far living!


You are always a pleasure! I love your posts and they are always fun to peruse!!! Wouldn't it be nice to meet and greet a lot of these steemians!

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WOW...All magical painting i especially love the blue ocean one just superb :)

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, dear @hangin !

Lovely items very enjoyable to look at my friend :)