Let's talk about @fundition; why it deserves more awareness

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Having heard of the service before, but recently reminded of its existence by @distantsignal, Fundition is one of few 'killer services' built on the Steem blockchain that offers a plethora of options for outsiders seeking to raise capital for their creations.

The problem, however, is that it seems incredibly overlooked by the community. That isn't to say we should all be donating our earnings and such to these crowdfunds, but we certainly should be focusing on getting the word of Fundition and its usage of the Steem blockchain out there to the cryptocurrency community.

We want charities and creatives coming to Steem and seeing what features the blockchain has to offer, and we can do that through a 'Patreon' like alternative that provides more contact to the community and more rewards for that communication. So what are we doing? Why are we, for the most part, ignoring it?

Fundition may not be perfect, but it paves the way for more innovation on this blockchain that supports creatives in the very way that Steem itself is advertised; and the truth is, is that Steem doesn't really have many 'killer applications' that can bring in a whole lot of people like other cryptocurrencies have. We have alternatives to things, and they work for the people already on Steemit, but don't really appeal to those outside of it still.

So, with this post, let's focus on spreading the word of Fundition. Let's find campaigns to support through text or donations, and let's encourage outsiders to bring their creations and campaigns to Fundition. There's a community of people fed up with the traditional methods, and while I've mentioned it already, Patreon is one traditional method that's constantly coming back into the public eye due to negative changes.

All earnings, including the 50% that goes into Steem Power, will be donated to either one or various -- depending on the earnings amount -- campaigns on @Fundition and posted at a later date to confirm the donations.

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@fundition is a great DApp and definitely needs more support. They are even doing a 7 day challenge at the moment and will pay some Steem if you visit https://fundition.io/ and claim your prize box.

You know that I agree! Thanks for the mention.

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I agree its a solid app!

Other cryptocurrencies have 'killer apps'? I didn't know! Like what?

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Patreon seems clear and simple, and I just don't get Fundition. I've seen people publish that they are open to donations through there, but how does it actually work? I feel like someone should a detailed manual for not really technological people.


Essentially it works like any other service built on Steem: you connect to it via SteemConnect, and you 'donate' by essentially just transferring Steem/SBD (or other cryptos from other wallets) to that account raising funds.

Fundition displays the causes, the benefits for donating and such, so you can learn about the project like you would Patreon.

There's even an option to 'donate' simply via upvotes, so you'd upvote the project's latest post here on Steemit. Pretty neat.