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Hello My Fellow Friends,

Communication is the communication between two or more people. This can be done directly or indirectly. By indirectly submitting something, the subscriber can make more interesting communications. We call it creative communication. Recreation is something that any person willingly accepts.


Communicators demonstrate creativity from a variety of perspectives. They socialize their creations based on those angles. It is not common for all communicators. Not every subscriber understands the same level of communication.


Communicating creatively is the creativity of the communicator, and it is the creative receiver's job to grasp it creatively. Creative communication only works when both aspects are fulfilled. Creativity is a communication made by a high-level communicator but there is no creative communication unless the subscriber understands it creatively.

Social communication grows stronger through creative communication. Folk and Folk Art is a society that has been established and used by people for a long time. That folklore and folk art are the byproducts of creative communication. Folk poetry, folk tales, folk dramas, etc., are the end products of folkloric, truly creative communication, designed for the Sri Lankan villagers to work hard in their day-to-day activities.


Creatively presenting even the most personal communication of their personal lives is a much more successful life. For example, close communication between the husband and wife is more attractive than expressing words and words creatively without direct communication. Thanks for reading.

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