Movie review – Death of Death Note (2017)

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Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are doing fine and me too. So, I wanted to ask you all a question. Have you ever did something that everybody warned you about and that too just out of curiosity? Hmm, Probably yes. Or maybe the question that I was not able to properly communicate my thoughts. Let me try one more time, have you ever felt like someone destroy something that is very precious to you and now all you want is to erase them out of existence. It doesn’t take much to tell you about me and how much I love the anime Death Note. Almost every profile from social network/media bears the character ‘Kira’ on them. Let it is my WhatsApp account or the Steemit or discord. Hell, I wish my PAN & Adhaar card allow that photo of ‘Kira’ (But that would be Absurd) Now imagine how I feel after watching the Live action adaptation of the anime.

(Takes a break, goes out screams his lungs out towards the open sky, cries for 5 mins, wipe his tears and back to the laptop)

Death Note is a phenomenal Anime which depicts a very entertaining, nail-biting, thriller chase between the good guy and the bad guy. And obviously, such a thing is very hard to top. So I was a skeptic when the Netflix announced the live action adaptation. I wasn’t very happy with the Japanese Live action of these Anime, but I can understand the constraint on the character development in very small screen time. And they did Ok I guess. But that is no excuse for what Netflix did. As soon as the movie was released the whole of the Anime fan base was on fire. I stayed neutral at that time because I very well know when half of the world is saying its bad, You better avoid that shit. But today, I stepped on it. So here I am with my review of the movie ‘Death Note’

Before I go further its best to give you a spoiler warning.

Spoiler – In this review, I will be expressing my thoughts on the Netflix Death Note, Discussing the set and character and plots of this movie. Although I don’t see the point on giving it as most of you has probably seen it and for those haven’t are probably better off without it. Also, strong Language use as I can’t control my anger.


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The movie starts with the setup in school with the regular stuff, Like Kids are playing, Cheerleader practicing and smoking… Wait WHAT THE HELL? I know people smoke, and I know school kids smoke but why would a cheerleader be smoking right in the middle of practice. I mean, It’s ok to leave that out, We have bigger and more Important concerns. Our main character introduced as studying there on the side solving calculus for some else for MONEY… !! WTF!!, Its just 2 min in the movie and it has already started to fuck with us. The guy was Light Turner played by Nat Wolff which is a character designed parallel to the antagonist ‘Light Yagami’ from the death note series. He was solving calculus a note fell next to him, and just like that he becomes the owner of a death note. In the next scene which I suppose is to establish that the ‘Light’ character he is shown fighting bullies, Now here too, I have a problem (By god, I have so many bones to pick with this movie), In case of anime the character ‘Light Yagami’ has a sense of Justice where he try where ever he could and has shown to feel bad when he couldn’t that solidify the nature of that character where he was shown weak before he got the power of the notebook to start making changes in the society and creating and Impact. In the movie, however, the character he was depicted as a guy with no clue. When a poor fellow was getting beaten up by the bullies he stood and watched. And when a girl jumped in to save the fellow from bullies and gets pushed around. This ‘Turner’ got in all hot and ready. The Netflix has got this character all wrong. Anyway, Let move forward we have a lot of shit to go through. So Mr ‘Turner’ ends up in detention and its here he started exploring the Death Note. When he meets Ryuk ‘the death god’ or ‘the grim reaper’ or ‘shnigami’ well the movie never clarifies about that so let’s call him by his name ‘Ryuk’ played by Willem Dafoe Ah!!! that explains the creepiness in voice. Anyway so the Ruyk has tricked Light into writing a name on the Death Note not some criminal but a bully, so in this world, bullying is punishable by decapitation. Yeah, That’s right. The first kill through the death note happens as a decapitation and that too in final destination style.

(Just 12mins and I am really nervous about this movie, Not good nervous but the bad kinda nervous. Gets up and goes for a break)

Oh, My God!!! This is supposed to be a review but why in this world this review is turning out a minute by minute scene dissection. Let move forward when they introduce ‘Light’s’ Father who is a cop. Now I don’t wanna compare it with the Anime and how the Netflix just ruined it but I will tell you one thing they have ruined a very good twist, I can live with that, But giving the character lines like “I mean, You are a cop. How do you sleep at Night?” just to let the audience know that he is a cop is bad. You might as well have him dressed in the uniform at the dinner. On second thought that would have worked better. Moving On. Light went on to explore the rule and starts killing criminals that needed to be punished. Starting with a revenge killing. Yeah!!! starting off by taking out the guy responsible for his mother’s death. Eh!!! Another final destination style death. Whats up with that? Now skip a few more minutes to the second major character, Remember the cheerleader who was smoking, Who got push around by bullies yeah.!!! she is Mia character played by Margaret Qualley based on the Misa Amane from the Anime but again they missed the mark by a big margin. She is a Sociopath, that’s all. (I want the review to be done quickly) And yeah she is with Light. And they started killing criminal together using the death note and somewhere Light comes up with the Idea of ‘Kira’. (Just don’t ask).

So the Kira killing is going worldwide and at exactly at 30 mins time stamp a Ninja appears on the screen. At a massacre site, and revealed to be the “L” played by Lakeith Stanfield based on the Anime character L. And may I suggest to register one more murder to the count here because they completely got this guy wrong. Let’s see what Wikipedia page has to say about L from anime. An enigmatic individual with a past shrouded in mystery, he is an eccentric genius and international private investigator, reputed to be the world’s best and brightest, who takes on cases that have stymied national governments and Interpol and communicates with the world only through his equally inexplicable handler/assistant, Watari. Then why are we being served a whiny crybaby who is barely is in control with his emotions.

(I should control my emotions, I shouldn’t be angry at such a thing, gets up goes for a walk.)

So, L leads the investigation alongside the Cop father against Kira and comes to a conclusion that Kira is operating from Seattle and not from Japan. Then he proceeds forward with taking a handful of jelly beans or candies and dropped in his mouth while spilling a lot of them.

(That is it.)

L is a very interesting character, and such a genius that his intellect is a hindrance to his social skills. He is calculative and precise. Very methodical, There are scene dedicated to establishes, how delicate he is with his items and stuff, to the point that it is awkward. From his walk to how he eats to how he arranges sugar cubes on the tables to the high addiction of the sweets. He is a good guy but his actions and methods are questionable. Whereas the Movie L gets everything wrong even the awkwardness gets switched off and on in the scene. In simple words the movie L sucks ass. You know what, the whole movie does. Even if you believe that the movie is set in the same universe but with a different character as many are suggesting, it still has many problems. Firstly the character name you don’t go around saying you have design after ‘Yagami Light’ and make him indecisive. Don’t call him ‘L’ call him ‘somethingLs’. The entire Ideology which drives the plot in the Anime is missing, the sense of justice in both the Kira and Ls which is the pivotal point.

In short, if I had a Death Note I would kill this script. Sorry, I story is pretty much dead anyway. Now go and watch it.


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And this is my take on the 2017 Netflix Death Note

Note – This is my personal view of the Movie, And it is to be taken lightly. All the comments that I made were on the performance of these actors and not the actor themselves. Do not take my word as a word of an expert. I am no expert yet.



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My son is a death note fan and he also told his friends who have also become fans. Great review

The story is as such.. the anime had very few but interesting characters and the best part being the chase..

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