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​Where is anyone? Y2K destroyed my atomic clock so I went back to the Mayan calendar This show, hold on, should have started six centuries ago. I guess I missed it.
~kebezO yaJ

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Because the industrial world runs on petroleum-based fuels and other products, oil is a highly-valued world commodity. Under the Trump administration, the United States has become the largest crude oil producer in the world.

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President Trump takes credit for reinvigorating domestic fuel outputs and achieving energy dominance. This distinction did not come easily. Here is a brief timeline of recent events that have resulted in record-high energy yields in the country: ...More

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DRAW your OWN Conclusions!





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what did i miss?

what is inception?

fracking is disturbing the memory of the planet.

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anyways.. i left a series of links on this video.

Leppo Aqueno

Jay Ozebek

End of daze in .com_fused_eye_on_Zen_ith!

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