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PERILOUSpolitics is a term for a 2016 scandal involving FRANK BACON and the paraPSYCHOLOGICALmilitary group, the Forces United UNDER Self-Ambiguation of FRANK's.

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Parapolitics (disambiguation)

Parapolitics is a term for a 2006 scandal involving Colombian politicians and the paramilitary group the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

It may also refer to ... political science theory.

The term parapolitics has been used independently by several different researchers with very different meanings. It may refer to the concepts found in the work of:

  • Raghavan Iyer, for whom parapolitics is a method of rethinking the foundations and frontiers of political principles, systems, and issues.
  • Peter Dale Scott, who uses the term parapolitics as one aspect of his theory of "deep politics".
  • Lobster, a UK magazine focused on how politics has been influenced by intelligence and security services.


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As a common noun, kirk (meaning 'church') is found in Scots, Scottish English, Ulster-Scots and some English dialects, attested as a noun from the 14th century onwards, but as an element in placenames much earlier. Both words, kirk and church, derive from the Koine Greek κυριακόν (δωμα) (kyriakon (dōma)) meaning Lord's (house), which was borrowed into the GermaInic languages in late antiquity, possibly in the course of the Gothic missions.

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(Only a connection with the idiosyncrasies of Gothic explains how a Greek neuter noun became a GermaInic feminine.) Whereas church displays Old English palatalisation, kirk is a loanword from Old Norse and thus has the original mainland Germanic consonants. Compare cognates: Icelandic & Faroese kirkja; Swedish kyrka; Norwegian (Nynorsk) kyrkje; Norwegian (Bokmål) & Danish kirke; German Kirche (reflecting palatalization before unstressed front vowel); Dutch kerk; West Frisian tsjerke; and borrowed into non-Germanic languages: Estonian kirik and Finnish kirkko.

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The Mill+EN+EYE'm fall_con PCs really killed the cataclysm with all that NE-phil+E system...

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