The importance of recharging - no not your phone. You.

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We were camping. It was summer, in the Australian bush. A national park near the beach. Me and my girlfriend of the time (hi Ado😊) had my kombi van. Others had kombis and station wagons and tents and sleeping bags. Cold beer, eskies, hammocks.

Man I loved that old kombi - so many good memories - especially the music festivals..

So we were camping, but camping our way.

Lazing around after swimming, laughing. Enjoying each other's company. Letting go the stress and hassles of the uni exams just gone. It was so good just to relax.

Smiles, fun, beer, talking.

Then, as part of the conversation, Noel said: Relaxing is an art form. It takes practice - and a lot of people don't know how to do it.

It doesn't just happen - you have to work at it.

Do you know those moments in your life when you hear a profound truth? And you know it's profound, and you know its true because your whole way of looking at the world suddenly shifts?

This was one of those moments for me.


It is a moment I have never forgotten, though it happened over 20 years ago.

And I have discovered too, that my creative brain needs nurturing. My need to express my ideas, to consciously journey through the land of dreams (or try to) and write music sublime or silly (or try to), needs a well nourished creative side. I need to relax. And I need to practice relaxing.

The weekend is the perfect time to grab some me-time. It doesn't matter what I do, but I have to do something to recharge my creative self.

Because it's is the part of me who I most want to be.

If you enjoyed this, you may also want to check out my very basic introduction to meditation:


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Esos momentos donde nos alejamos de obsolutamente toda la cotidianidad y stres de la vida diaria, nos sirven para conectarnos con nosotros mismos y escuchar nuestros mas profundos sentimientos es maravilloso¡


Thanks! (i have no idea what you said, but thanks!)


Ah, yes! (Thanks Google translator!)

Found this scrolling back through the teamaus discord and I'm so glad I did.

Some people do not know how to relax. They think that as soon as their holidays start their brain will be able to unwind.

If you have been in a mental pattern of agitation and stress for a prolonged period of time you can't expect to undo that in one short week....

Noel was wise beyond his years. People should take time every day to relax fully, even just for 10 minutes. Which is where mediation can be such a useful tool.

Awesome post mate, followed to keep up to date on your writing. I can't rely on always finding your work in the discord haha


Thanks Harry - I really appreciate it.
And Noel? One of a kind.

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Yes yes yes @drwom this is very accurate. Being able to relax is not only an artform requiring practice but I'd possibly even say it is a skill that requires deliberate integration into our character.

I have struggled with this, actually feeling uneasy when having downtime due to the need to be constantly engaged in something.

Thanks for sharing... resteeming.

Relaxing is one of my special talents, but it's frequently undervalued. When people ask me what I do and I tell them how good I am at relaxing, often it seems as though they aren't all that impressed.

I'm even considering of taking off my resume.

Excellent post. Loved the step back in time.



I love that - relaxing as a thing on your resume 🌞